From Jeans In The Pool To Naked Beautiful -70+ Affirmations To Help Women Feel Good Naked

AS WOMEN, WE POSSESS WITHIN US OUR OWN NAKED GARDEN OF BEAUTY TO LOVE, CHERISH AND NURTURE.     Please also check out my blog post “The Naked Goddess”   The 70+ affirmations below are NOT JUST GEARED FOR WOMEN IN NUDISM. They are ALSO geared for women  who want to feel good naked under their clothes and in their own private chambers of love. When we are more confident, our intimate and.. Read More

Straightening My Hair Dream

    Join my  brand new  facebook page for Pink Chick Psychic. Dear Greek God Asklepios  While I am sleeping and in my dreams tonight, please help me to enter into your Greek Healing Temple and guide and heal my soul from any karma and trauma in this lifetime and past lifetimes that are keeping me from being in a long lasting soul mate relationship. MY DREAM JOURNEY I was at my parents.. Read More

My Naked Interview & My Jewish Cookies Dream

As a certified DREAM COACH  through the amazing Denise Linn,  my strongest gifts and purpose besides being a professional PSYCHIC MEDIUM is to help YOU to find the LUCID DREAMER in YOU through DREAM COACHING. I feel incredible blessed to be going on my nightly DREAM JOURNEYS and to have 90% dream recall. Once again, I programmed my dreams last night with my Dream DOULA and my SOUL. I also included my horse.. Read More

My Lightening The Load Dream

Last night, once again, I programmed my dreams with my Dream Doula and my soul. I asked them to help me to give birth to an unlimited version of myself,  the right man and future soul mate for me, more prosperity and more abundance. I woke up briefly around 4am with no memory of any dreams, and then I went back to sleep. I woke up with some clear dreams around 6:45am. I.. Read More

Sexy Love Affirmations

Affirmations to stimulate your senses

I am a true believer in being one with our body, mind, spirit and soul. I have many Reiki Attunements that help to fine tune our inner body connection to  our sexual and sensual self. God gave us our sensual and sexual feelings when we were born, and it is our divine right to own that part of ourselves. Our sexual responses, reactions, and our abilities to receive sexual pleasure begin with our.. Read More

Celebrating The 6th Decade Of Life

Pink Chick Psychic

      How many of you reading this blog right now are approximately my age? I just turned 64 this year. I have arrived in the 6th Decade Of My Life, I am growing, improving  and evolving  gracefully. I don’t act or dress what is supposed to be for my age (whatever that is).  I have pink in my hair, wear bright pink colors, and I drive a hot pink car.   Where.. Read More

Dear Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner

Dear Caitlyn. All  I can say is WOW WOW WOW! Caitlyn Jenner you are so beautiful and so feminine looking! Just looking at your picture I get goosebumps. I am so happy that you finally had the courage to make this transition. The  world gets to see the beautiful and authentic Caitlyn Jenner FINALLY. You must be so happy, peaceful and relieved to finally have your dream come true.Vanity Fair was so lucky.. Read More

Bruce Jenner’s Transgender Transformation


I am incredible happy for Bruce Jenner. I can’t imagine what it  was like inside for him all of his 65 years-not living in his true authentic self and hiding his deep feelings of being a woman. I have NEVER experienced that feeling of being in the wrong body.  I was born a female 64 years ago, and I love being a super feminine girly girl.  I believe everyone should live their truth.. Read More

Beauty Is A Feeling Within You

It doesn’t matter what size you are-big or small, because beauty is a feeling within you. if you feel beautiful on the inside, that is all that matters. Society judges people by their inperfections purely because what they see on TV and on the internet as “perfect”. DON’T LET ANYONE TAKE AWAY YOUR BEAUTIFUL. You own your beautiful. I was raised by a Jewish mother (RIP) that saw me through her eyes; and.. Read More

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