My Sensual Astral Travel Visit

DREAM PROGRAMMING Since I was very tired last night, I decided to take a break from all the healing work that I have been experiencing in my dreams. I asked God and Archangel Raphael to please help me to get a really good night’s sleep.  I also asked them to help me to remember any important healing dream, but to please make sure that my healing dreams do not interfering with my sleep.  DREAM RECALL.. Read More

The Sweet And Gentle Kiss Dream

Dear God,  Archangel Raphael and Archangel Chamuel. While I am sleeping and dreaming tonight & in my waking hours, please bring me into the vibrational vortex and help me to stay in the vortex where the perfect right  soul mate relationship  is waiting for me,  and where we are a vibrational match for each other for a long lasting relationship.   Also in my dreams tonight, please help our souls to connect in the most profound ways that I will recognize.. Read More

The Hot Israeli Dude Massaging Me Dream

  Two nights ago, I programmed my dreams  with Aladdin (Genie), Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Raphael. I asked them to take me on a magic carpet ride to the perfect soul mate relationship for me.  DREAM RECALL I woke up a couple times during the night, and it was clear to me that Aladdin and the  Archangels were working on me, and they were creating the space for me, so that the perfect soul  mate relationship for me could come into.. Read More

The Kiss Of Love Dream

Last night, I programmed  my dreams  with God, Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Raphael to work with me in my dreams and while I am awake in creating divine order in my  life. I also asked them to work with me in divinely balancing my hormone and thyroid levels and in healing my carpal tunnel in my right hand,  so that I can sleep through the night DREAM RECALL This man that I have deep feelings for appeared in my.. Read More

Overflowing With Silverware & Clothes Dream

Last night and the night before, I programmed my dreams with Archangel Raphael and my Dream Guardians  for deep healing and restorative sleep. I also asked them to work with me in raising my wealth frequency, so that I can raise my income level to the goal that I set for myself in the most beautiful ways that I will clearly remember and recognize. The night before, I asked for deep healing between.. Read More

Planting The Seeds Of True Love Dream

  GIPHY Last night, I programmed my dreams with Archangel Raphael and Archangel Ariel for their assistance in building my financial empire in whatever way they decide to guide me and direct me to financial freedom.  I also asked them to show me what was going on with this man, Michael, that I had been interested in over a year ago. He lives in another state. He never followed through with his offer.. Read More

My Unexpected Astral Visitors Dream

Last night, I programmed my dreams with God and Archangel Raphael. He had worked with me in my dreams about a week or so ago to guide me in knowing why my scalp was itching. Archangel Raphael showed me in my dreams that a part of it had to do with my laundry detergent and the cover I was using on the couch. Once, I remedied that, the itching disappeared. I had some.. Read More

Breathe – My Dream

I programmed my dreams with Archangel Raphael and Archangel Ariel for the continuation of experiencing  oneness with my divine source and for the continuation of making a paradigm shift from a scarcity paradigm to an abundance paradigm. DREAM RECALL I woke up with no memory of dreaming. I laid very still with my eyes closed for quite some time. I kept seeing an opening, so I concentrated on that opening until  the memory.. Read More

My Ascending & Astral Traveling Dream

In preparing for last night’s dream healing journey, I programmed my dreams with God, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Ariel.  I asked them for their support, so that I could continue to experience  oneness with my divine source. My number two request for my dream healing journey was for experiencing a paradigm shift from scarcity to abundance. I also asked them to please guide me in creating an exciting juicy sexy love life,  in.. Read More