Finding My Soul Mate Through My Dreams

I have not been publicly blogging my dreams lately; however, this week I have had some pretty powerful dreams. I just could not resist sharing them. Lately, I have been doing dream programming with Moon Goddess Selene. She represents femininity and healing to me, and she was known to have the power to  to inspire love to pierce illusion. For me, when I call her into my dreams, my dreams are very clear and vivid… Read More

The Healing Of The Ocean Waves Dream & Creative Visualization

  Before I tell you my dream,  I first must share with you that for the last couple of weeks I have been doing creative visualization. In the last few days, I have added one of my deep desires, which is to go to  Santorini Greece. In my creative visualization I have been seeing and feeling myself in this beautiful place in Greece that I have not been to in this lifetime on.. Read More

The Man In The Wall Dream

I don’t share my dreams so much these days like I used to, because I feel that they are very personal. This dream I felt called to share, because it was so profound. DREAM PROGRAMMING I programmed my dreams with Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael. I asked the Archangels to work with me in helping me to love, cherish and heal myself, so that I can attract a healthy loving life.. Read More

My 4am Doorbell Dream

Last night, I made up my little secret essential oil blend for myself in a roll on bottle for bringing in romance, and I rubbed it on my wrists as I was going to bed in the hopes that I would dream of my future soul mate. I did not add it to my diffuser, because I use Roman Chamomile to help me sleep in my diffuser every night. I programmed my dreams.. Read More

Deer In The Shower Dream

I have not been sharing my dreams for awhile, because I felt that they were too personal to share. IMy hormones have been totally out of wack. They have  been adjusted, and I am now feeling myself again. Now I am back to wanting to bring in a soul mate. I put my desire for a soul mate on hold while I was feeling out of sorts. DREAM PROGRAMMING PRAYER Dear God, Archangel.. Read More

My Sleeping Future Soul Mate Dream

As you might have guessed from my blog posts, I am a dreamer. I program my dreams every night to solve situations, for ideas and insights,  for healing the past for helping my wishes and desires to come true. In the past, when I have had dreams of intensely kissing a man, hugging a man, making love to a man, these dreams turned out to be precognitive dreams. Precognitive dreams feel so real,.. Read More

The Spirit Of The TIger Dream

In programming my dreams last night, I set the same intentions that I had set for the night before to continuing to do the releasing of the negative influences of my past that I have been working on through my dreams. I programmed my dreams with God, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Uriel.   I asked them to continue to work with me  in my dreams in working with me to close the door to.. Read More

My Mother And The Healing Pill Dream

  When evening comes, I begin to look forward to going to sleep in my wonderful sleep number bed and going on my wonderful nightly dream journeys. I look forward to programming my dreams every night. I begin to ponder what I want to program my dreams for about an hour or two before I go to bed. This is when I write out exactly what I want to program my dreams for… Read More

I Fought The Monster And I Won Dream Last Night

MY DREAM PROGRAMMING PRAYER Dear  God, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Uriel.   Please continue to work with me  in my dreams tonight in helping  me to close the door to the negative influences of my past, so that I can open the door to the life of my dreams and attract the perfect permanent healthy relationship with the man of my dreams and the prosperous life of my dreams. MY DREAM JOURNEY LAST NIGHT.. Read More

Yum Yum Hot Sexy Doctor Dream

Dear  God, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Uriel.   Please continue to work with me  in my dreams tonight in helping  me to make a paradigm shift from  a limited, scarcity and unworthy belief paradigm to an abundance, prosperous and worthy belief paradigm,  so that I can open up and receive and accept all of God’s divine blessings and miracles into my life in the form of a loving soul mate relationship and greater abundance.. Read More

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