WOOHOO! My Soul Mate Is On His Way Dream

Tuesday night, while watching the election results playing out on TV, I started to feel the  intense energy of my soul mate in my vibration. Since I have not met him yet, I knew I had to call him into my dreams that night. The energy was pretty intense.  Going to bed and trying to sleep ended up being very futile, because I kept waking up every two hours to see the election.. Read More

Houses Bedrooms and Cobwebs Dream

Last night, I slept soundly with the angels. I programmed my dreams last night with the angel of sleeping and dreaming. I asked HER to please make sure I had a good night’s sleep uninterrupted; and even if I dreamed, for the dreams not to disturb my sleep. I also programmed my dreams with the angel of abundance and prosperity. I asked HER for continued rising up of all my frequencies (love, wealth, success and health)… Read More

OY VEY! My Teeth Are Too Big For My Mouth Dream

I was very tired when I went to bed last night,  so I programmed my dreams with the angel of sleeping and dreaming. I asked HER to help me to sleep deeply uninterrupted throughout the night. I also asked if there were any important messages that SHE had for me to please help me to remember the dreams very clearly, but not to disturb my sleep. I woke up this morning just before.. Read More

Dreaming Of The Power Going Off

Last night, I programmed my dreams with God, my Higher Power and Archangel Chamuel. Again, I asked them to work on me while I am sleeping and dreaming (and while I am awake) for the continuation of the raising my core vibration. I also asked for the continuation of the raising my wealth frequency, my success frequency, my love frequency and my health frequency. I also asked to be a clear and perfect channel for.. Read More

The Naked Black Hot Sexy Man Dream

Last night I programmed my dreams with God and my Higher Self for continuing to raise my core vibration and for raising my wealth frequency, my success frequency, my love frequency and my health frequency. I woke up around 3 or 3:30 am to a dream that seemed incomplete to me.  Yes, the number 3 means the Angels and Ascended Masters are trying to get my attention. In my dream, it feels like I am.. Read More

Knocking On The Green Door Dream

I programmed my dreams again with my Higher Self/Inner God and Goddess Gueneviere. I asked them to bring me important messages while I am sleeping and dreaming for raising my core vibration, my wealth frequency, my success frequency and my love frequency. I woke up around 7am to the following dream: It looks like I have a job, and I am sitting at my desk. There are two desks side by side. My desk.. Read More

Astral Travel Visit From Hollywood Actor Van Johnson

Last night, before I went to bed, I meditated with one of Mas Sajady’s medi healing podcasts on raising my wealth frequency. The energy was so powerful that I was getting intense chills.  I had to slightly open my eyes, because  I felt like someone was in the room with me. As I went to bed last night, I programmed my dreams with my Higher Self/inner God and Celtic Goddess Gueneviere. Gueneviere is a love Goddess… Read More

My Angel #333 Dream Early This Morning

In my continuing journey to enlightenment, healing, direction and connection, I once again programmed my dreams with my Higher Self (my inner God) and this time I asked Celtic Goddess Gueneviere to join me in my dreams. Goddess Gueneviere is a very powerful love goddess who I feel a strong connection with. I asked them to continue to raise my core vibration and to point me in the direction I need to go with the book.. Read More

Raising My Core Vibration Dream

While on the recent Cruise Into Spirit Cruise, October 15-22. and also through my dreams, I have been asking for a much clearer connection with my Higher Self/my inner God. I am also asking for my Higher Self/my inner God to work with me in my dreams (and while I am awake) to point me in the direction I need to go with the book that I am writing called “How To Know When Someone.. Read More

Five Powerful Ways To Remember & Blog Your Dreams

I am Linda Kaye, a Certified Gateway Dream Practitioner through Denise Linn, a Dream Goddess Coach & professional psychic, and the purpose of this blog post is to provide you with simple ways of remembering, interpreting and understanding your dreams. Always keep a pad of paper and a pen by your bed. If you wake up from a dream in the middle of the night, make sure no matter what that you write down.. Read More