Dual Night Healing Dream Journey #7 With Amy

Amy (my dream partner) and I decided for night number 7 to program our dreams with Archangel Michael, Goddess Aphrodite, God Eros (Aphrodite’s son) and God Anteros (Aphrodite’s other son). This was night number 7 of programming our dreams We both programmed our own dreams and eachother’s dreams for abandonment issues, letting go of the past, opening our hearts to love and manifesting a new soul mate relationship. I had one of the strangest dreams.. Read More

Duel Dream Healing Journey #6 With Amy

Dreaming Programming With Eros

Amy and I decided to “GO GREEK”,  in programming our dreams for last night. We chose Goddess Aphrodite (Goddess of love, beauty and sexuality). Venus is the Roman version of Aphrodite.  We just had to include her  son, Eros,  (God of Erotic and Romantic Love). In the Roman version, he is Cupid. We also asked Archangel Michael to join in on this serious yet fun sexy healing adventure, because we just couldn’t leave him.. Read More

Duel Night Dreaming Healing Journey #5 With Amy

Amy and I decided that for last night we would program our dreams with Archangel Michael (for strength and protection), Goddess Kali (for clearing the past and moving forward), Morphius, Lord Of Dreams (for prophetic and soul mate dreams) and Angus Mac Og ( also for soul mate dreams). MY DREAM Last night, before I went to sleep and programmed my dreams, I pulled three cards from the Messages From The Fairies Oracle Card Deck.. Read More

My 4th Duel Night Healing Dream Journey With Amy

Amy and I have decided to continue our dual night healing dream journey while Mercury is in Retrograde. Mercury in Retrograde ends September 22. This was our fourth night as dream partners. We both programmed our dreams with Morphius. He is the Lord of Dreams, who encourages prophetic and soul mate dreams, and he helps us to interpret our dreams. We also programmed Angus Mac Og, Celtic God of love and soul mates and Venus, Greek.. Read More

3rd Duel Night Healing Dream Journey With Amy

As you know, my friend Amy and I came up with the idea to be night dream partners several nights ago. Last night was our 3rd duel night healing dream journey. We are each on a mission to create our soul mate/twin flame, and the perfect time to heal and remove obstacles within us is while Mercury is in Retrograde. Mercury goes direct on September 22nd. Last night, we each programmed our dreams for ourselves and eachother.. Read More

Duel Healing Night Dream #2 With Amy

  My friend, Amy and I, are on a 3 night duel night dream healing journey together. Click here for day 1 of our experience. Last night was day 2.  As you know, we are both dream coaches, psychic mediums and night healers through our dreams.  We both decided to call in Angus Mac Og, a Celtic God of soul mates and love. He is especially powerful, because if you ask him right before you go to sleep to come into your.. Read More

My Duel Night Healing Dream Journey With Amy

My friend, Amy, and I both attended the Gateway Dream Retreat  to be a certified Dream Coach last Month in Santa Fe, New Mexico. When we met there, we had an instant connection. Amy is a Clairaudient Medium, and I am a Clairvoyant and Clairsentient Medium. When we decided to be night dream partners for eachother yesterday, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that our night dream  healing journey last night would be strong and powerful… Read More

Hugging On The Astral Plane

Very early yesterday morning, I experienced someone astral traveling to me while I was sleeping. It was someone that I know, but that I have never actually met in person. I  received some business coaching from him over the phone about a year or so ago. We are also in the same private facebook group for about 2 1/2 years now. He came into my living room and was  hugging and holding me for a long.. Read More

My Early Morning Dreams

As a Dream Goddess Dream Coach, I am very dedicated to programming my dreams.  The dreams that I remember these days happen very early in the morning.  Even though I have no memory of dreaming at night when I go to sleep, I am pretty sure I am dreaming and healing. The messages that I remember while I am sleeping and dreaming seem to appear between 5 and 7:00am every morning. I usually wake up to.. Read More

Thousand Island Or French Dressing Dream

Last night, I programmed my dreams with Archangel Michael for protection and important messages  and Archangel Gabriel for  assisting me in writing my book.  In my dream, which was around 5am this morning, I was in a restaurant, and I  ordered a salad . I specifically asked for Thousand Island Dressing, but they did not include the dressing.  I ended up using French dressing.  I also ordered a chicken wrap, and they brought me.. Read More