My Trapped Emotions Dream

I am blessed to be a dreamer. Yes, I dream every night, and I have taught myself how to have vibrant colorful clear dreams every night and how to remember my dreams. All you have to do is ask.  In a Dream Coaching session with me, I can guide YOU in learning how to program your dreams, how to remember your dreams and how to lucid dream for a specific issue, goal or.. Read More

Pasco County Single Nudists

Mikey, President of Caliente Singles, tries to have a dinner the first Sunday evening of the month at Caliente Resort. You can join his yahoo group, Caliente Singles, by clicking here. Kerri-Anne runs a singles event at Paradise Lakes Resort four times a year. The next one is May 2017. Click here to join my group, Pasco County Single Nudists to find out more information about her events. Save Save Save Save

From Jeans In The Pool To Naked Beautiful -70+ Affirmations To Help Women Feel Good Naked

AS WOMEN, WE POSSESS WITHIN US OUR OWN NAKED GARDEN OF BEAUTY TO LOVE, CHERISH AND NURTURE.     Please also check out my blog post “The Naked Goddess”   The 70+ affirmations below are NOT JUST GEARED FOR WOMEN IN NUDISM. They are ALSO geared for women  who want to feel good naked under their clothes and in their own private chambers of love. When we are more confident, our intimate and.. Read More

What Is Nudism?

  This Nudist Q & A blog post was created  for YOU to dispell any myths, fears and misconceptions that YOU and society itself might have about walking inside the gates of a nude or clothing optional resort.  I currently live at Caliente Clothing Optional Resort in Florida, and we are a beautiful clothing optional resort jut 30 minutes north of Tampa. What is Nudism? Discovering the nudist lifestyle is the most exhilarating.. Read More

June 2015 Pasco County Single Nudist Calendar

Captain's Dinner on the Bare Necessities nude cruise

I have two groups for those who are single nudists and not currently in a committed  relationship. PASCO COUNTY SINGLE NUDIST MEETUP PASCO COUNTY  SINGLE NUDISTS YAHOO GROUP   CALIENTE SINGLES (run by Mikey) next singles dinner @ Caliente Clothing Optional Resort is Thursday, June 4, 2015.  To join my meet up group to RSVP and for more  information,  click here. Members of Caliente Singles, Pasco County Single Nudists and Single Naturists Of.. Read More


It has been six days since I completed Tony Robbins Date With Destiny Seminar.  It is Sunday morning, and I feel so blessed right now. I am suddenly feeling an incredible sense of peace and joy inside of me with the thought and realization that I feel a sense of connection. Connection is a feeling that I have both strived for but have also been afraid of all my life. At the same.. Read More

Attention Singles Nudists In Tampa Bay Area

Pink Chick here I run Pasco County Florida Single Nudists, and I am hosting a singles dinner this Thursday night 11/20 at Caliente Clothing Optional Resort, Please RSVP to me at with the subject line SINGLES DINNER by tomorrow (Wednesday) evening The Details are below:   Clothing Optional Singles Dinner, Dancing & Socializing At Caliente Clothing Optional Resort. 6-7pm Meet & Greet & COCKTAILS at the Piano Bar in the main clubhouse.. Read More

Oh How I Love The Word Naked

Although there are many aspects to me,  I love being “naked”, and I love the word “naked”. Yes, I know, that the word “naked” MIGHT have a sexual connotation for many people; however, I personally prefer the word “naked” better then the word “nude”. The word “nude” is a camoflaged meaning for being “naked”. The word “naked” has a much stronger meaning than the word “nude”. Being naked means that I FEEL FREE.. Read More

An Affirmation By Catherine Ponder Changed My Life

In the early 90’s, I repeated an affirmation that I got out of Catherine Ponder’s affirmation book “Open your mind to receive”. Keep in mind that I replaced Christ in me with God in me.   GOD IN ME NOW FREES ME OF ALL RESENTMENT OR ATTACHMENT TOWARD OR FROM PEOPLE, PLACES OR THINGS OF THE PAST OR PRESENT. I AM NOW IN MY TRUE PLACE WITH THE TRUE PEOPLE AND MY TRUE.. Read More

Pink Chick Psychic Nudist Vision Board

I hope you all enjoy my youtube video below of  my psychic nudist vision board painted on my guest bathroom wall by my friend, Dodie Ortland, about 2 1/2 years ago. On a whim,  about 1 1/2 weeks after she painted the car, I purchased a car. I had it custom painted hot pink immediately. Vision Boards are very powerful, and they do work. I am a full time nudist living my life.. Read More