Archangels Raphael & Raziel Are Lighting My Path Dream

I programmed my dreams with Archangel Raphael, Archangel Raziel and my angel Rhonda From Above. Rhonda From Above is from my dream the night before. I asked them to work with me in my dreams and also in my waking hours to dissolve blockages, remove my wealth walls and guide me to the right people, places and opportunities for my love life, expanding my business,  for promoting my Kindle ebooks and for great cruising opportunities in the.. Read More

Somebody Has Been Sleeping In My Bed Dream

I programmed my dreams last night with my healing angels, archangels and guardian angels for the continued healing of the trapped emotions within me  and the healing of my heart walls in a surprising way that I will recognize. I also asked for my angels, archangels and guardian angels to divinely guide me in my journey through life in a surprising way that I will recognize. DREAM RECALL I woke up around 7am from.. Read More

Kindle Ebook Soul Mate Series

I am so excited to share my Kindle Ebook Soul Mate Series (3 Books) where lovers discover each other and dreams do come true. It’s all about love, sex and romance. Click here, and you will receive all three kindle books in my soul mate series in a bundle for only $8.97. SUCH A DEAL!!!   Kindle EBook 1 – $2.99 “How To Know When Someone Is Thinking About You”   This book.. Read More

Pirates, A Knife And Buried Treasure Dream

Last night, I concentrated on my nightly DREAM PROGRAMMING process with the help and guidance of  my Dream Doula, my Soul and my ANIMAL SPIRIT, a beautiful white horse named The Cloud. My DREAM PROGRAMMING process helps me to have 90% + DREAM RECALL. My ultimate goal as a single woman is  to manifest a long term, committed, monogamous SOUL MATE RELATIONSHIP. In the last week, I have had two major passionate kissing.. Read More

Choosing Your Dream Guides For Your Nightly Dream Journeys

I am a CERTIFIED GATEWAY DREAM PRACTIONER. I received my certification through DENISE LINN. As a DREAM COACH, I work with my clients in guiding them through the highs and lows of their dreams through DREAM PROGRAMMING, LUCID DREAMING, DREAM RECALL  and more. To help you get started on your DREAM JOURNEY, I am sharing parts of Chapters 8 and 9 of my Kindle Ebook, “The Dreamers Guide To Creating The Sexy Juicy.. Read More

My Wierd Bipolar Dream of 3/11/17

I love being a CERTIFIED GATEWAY DREAM COACH.  I received my GATEWAY DREAM COACHING CERTIFICATION through DENISE LINN. I not only get to coach my clients through their DREAMS, I get to coach myself through my DREAMS. Blogging is a huge part of my amazing dream healing journey. Friday (3/11)  night, I programmed my dreams with my DREAM DOULA, my SOUL and GOD. I was experiencing feelings of being alone and  being very.. Read More

Flying High & Away To No More Crumbs Dream

Last night, with the goal of continuing my dream journey from the nights before, I programmed my dreams with my Dream Doula and my Soul.  I talked to them about my struggles in my dreams to stay focused on my goals and not be sidetracked.  I asked them why I keep running away in my dreams from my deepest desires and goals-manifesting a great love and greater success and prosperity.  I asked my soul… Read More

It’s All About Love, Sex And Intimacy Dream

Last night, I once again  programmed my dreams with my Dream Doula to help me to give birth to great love, great prosperity, great success and great abundance. I had a dream that I contracted something from having sex. I had to go through some kind of procedure in which it had to be documented. Part of the process is that I had to find someone to lay next to me and talk.. Read More

Who Bit My Tongue Dream?

Last night, I programmed my dreams with my Dream Doula and my soul to work with me in my dreams to help me to give birth to whatever I have been repressing in my life. I also apologized to her from the night before for not recognizing her in my dream as the bird and the green flying insect. When I repressed my desire to have a baby when I was young, it was because of fear and great.. Read More

My Dream of Connecting With The Angels And My Soul’s Beloved

    I have been reading Robert Moss’s book, “Dreaming The Soul Back Home: Shamanic Healing For Dreaming And Becoming Whole”. It is a fascinating book. Last night, I programmed my dreams to bring in my soul’s beloved. Some will believe that their Soul’s beloved is Jesus. For me, my Soul’s beloved is a deep soul mate connection. Each of us has our own reality. I asked for my soul’s beloved to work.. Read More