Last night, I programmed my dreams with my Dream Doula and Ganesh asking them to help me to give birth to a wealth consciousness and to point me on the road to success while I am sleeping and dreaming.

Dream Segment 1


In my first dream segment, I am going with my BFF Donna and a guy that I know that has my same birthday. We are going to dinner for a birthday celebration meal. We are waiting on the one guy, and he tells us tat he is first going to go in the jacuzzi with his head phones to listen to music first. By this time, it is almost 9:00 pm. I tell him to forget the music, so we can go to dinner. He agrees and jumps in the car. To me, it feels like there are going to be big changes and new beginnings in my life around my birthday, which is in April.

Dream Segment 2


I called into my dreams Ganesh and my Dream Doula last night In my dream, someone that I know in my real life was marrying a guy that she had just met hours ago. Right before the quicky wedding, the guy she is marrying who is very skuzzy looking with a beard hits on me. He also tells me that he hears that her husband who passed away was very wealthy (true in real life), and so he knows she has to have a lot of money. That is why he is marrying her. I am not staying for the wedding, but I am very concerned. I leave, and I am a passenger in a car. in the back seat. I find my phone, call her and leave a message about what this guy told me. I think I am too late, because I believe the ceremony is going on while I am leaving the message. I come back later, and she thanks me profusely. After what I said to her in the message, she did not marry him. I feel very excited about this dream like I have had some kind of breakthrough. I also feel that this could have been a lucid dream.
My biological father disappeared when I was 2 years old. All I knew until two years ago was that he took all the money out of the bank account and left. Two years ago, I found out from my brother that he was wanted by the FBI for scamming the elderly out of their social security, which is why he disappeared never to be found again. My mother kept telling me that men were only going to want me for my money. I have been afraid to have a lot of money, and I have been afraid of being used in a relationship, so I have not allowed myself to have a lot of money and I have not allowed myself to remarry. All this due to my biological father leaving and what my mother kept instilling in my belief system that men would only use me. In the dream, I stopped the marriage of someone that was going to be used for her money. I am excited about this dream segment, because my Dream Doula and Ganesh are helping me to heal my emotional blocks to having more wealth and being in a committed relationship. I am going to continue to work with my Dream Doula and Ganesh in working through my fear and negative beliefs.


Dream Segment 3


I am leaving Caliente Resort where I live, and there is a shampoo and conditioner stand where you can buy products right outside the gate. This tells me that I am being healed and cleansed.