I love going on incredible DREAM JOURNEYS, and I do this every night, which is what inspired me to become a CERTIFIED DREAM COACH. Besides being a professional PSYCHIC, I now work with my clients in discovering the meaning of their own dreams. CLICK HERE to buy my Kindle Ebook, THE DREAMERS GUIDE TO CREATING THE SEXY JUICY SOUL MATE OF YOUR DREAMS.

Before I went to sleep last night, I did some DREAM PROGRAMMING with my Dream Doula and my Soul  to help me to give birth to  my deepest desires, dreams and goals, so that they can come to fruition in the physical world  while I am sleeping and dreaming. I asked for them to light up my path to my SOUL MATE,  greater success and prosperity and greater success in my business.

I woke up at 5am from the following DREAM JOURNEY. I am trying on a new pair of heels. I am walking in them, and I am trying to remain steady without falling.  The heels are a little high, so they must be stiletto heels. There is a bathtub, and there is a man sitting in the bathtub, but not the long way. He is sitting with his legs up against his chest with his back to me. I jump in the bathtub with my heels, and I scare him. He jumps out.  I am feeling surprised by the unexpected man in the bathtub.

I then go back to sleep, and I am at an airport. I am searching for chocolate, but for some reason this airport does not have concession stands with chocolate. There are restaurants, but I do not want a restaurant. I just want chocolate. I eventually find a concession stand, and the man behind the stand gives me a giant heavy bag of chocolate balls. I tell him that I have too much luggage as it is, and the package of chocolate balls are too heavy. so he gives me two chocolate balls. I then go to find my luggage (the one I always travel with). It has lips all over it (for real). First I am thinking that I am going to catch a bus with some others who are wanting to catch a bus, but the buses won’t stop. I am running to try and stop the buses while I am dragging my luggage with the lips all over it.. Surprisingly, it is amazingly light.  I then decide on an Uber or a Taxi, so I am in the waiting area with another woman. This man is standing there and touching this woman’s purse. She has it laying on a table not caring if someone steels it. She let’s him touch her purse. I protect my purse, and I hold it close to me.

In my dream interpretation, I am feeling like the purse consists of my private parts. I want to protect them, so they are not violated. I am excited, because I got to eat two big delicious chocolate balls. and I feel satisfied. For me, since I rode buses until I was 40 when I got a car, buses represent something I would ride in if I am not in control of my life. Thank God the buses did not stop for me in my dream. I am not in that space anymore, and I have not been for 26 years. Not being comfortable wearing stiletto heels, well to me it is a sign that I am going to a higher frequency when it comes to my relationships with men, and I am scaring away men who are not at my same level of frequency. I am not used to be at that level of frequency yet, so I felt unsteady on my heels.

My questions for myself are:

Do I scare men away?

Am I attracting emotionally unavailable men to me?

Could eating chocolate balls come true? (pun intended)

Could the two chocolate balls represent a man in my future?

My intention is to  lightly jump back into my DREAMS tonight with the hope of finding more chocolate balls and answering the questions above. My intention is also to work on my relationship issues, so I can manifest someone who does not have his back to me and who is emotionally available and who is rising to a higher level of frequency.