Dear Archangel Raphael. Please help me to relax and sleep deeply tonight, and please allow my mind and body to surrender to sleeptonight. Thank you for guiding me, healing me and protecting me while I sleep  If there are any  important dreams that you feel I should remember, please help me to capture those memories. Thank you Archangel Raphael. I am grateful. Amen.


In my dream my brother set it up so that I would receive money from him every month. I sudden realized that he had stopped adding money to my bank account. I estimated that he was 2 or 3 months behind and approximately at least $2000 each month behind in depositing money in my account. I contacted my mother (RIP), and she told me that he said that he did not want to have anything more to do with me financially. I contacted the bank, and the bank said that they would start putting the money in my bank account. I rearranged my desk area, because I could not pass through the left side of my desk. It left a clear space for me to pass around the left side of my desk and not go all the way around.


My interpretation of  rearranging my desk area is pretty clear to me. The rear left side of my desk in feng shui is the prosperity area, and I rearranged my desk, so that there was a clear path to prosperity. In real life, my brother and I have never seen eye to eye about anything, especially money.  My mother passed in 2011. She did not feel he would be fair to me. To my surprise, he wsa  pretty transparent when it came to distributing what was left. He mentioned last year that there might be some left. I am not holding my breath after that dream. He has always had a lot of anger towards me, because he felt that my mother favored me. I experience guilt everyday, because my mother looked out for me (and not him); although, he does not need to be looked after. As a result, my brother and I  rarely speak over the phone; just occasional texts. The bank represents my money source, which is God and the universe. I feel happy about this dream, because I feel like I was given a clear path to prosperity from source and the universe. Angel Number 2000 is letting me know that they (the angels) are working with me in helping me to move forward in my life in a positive financial direction, and in bringing balance into my life.

UPDATE – It is June 1st today, and I totally get this dream. I am going on an Abraham Hicks next April (2019). I will have to pay off this cruise by January ($2000). It has been on my mind a lot, because I am thinking of canceling a cruise I am going on this October in order to save that money for the Abraham Hicks cruise. I believe that the angels are working with me.