I programmed my dreams last night with my Dream Doula for experiencing deep healing and restorative sleep. I also asked my Dream Doula to work with me while I am sleeping & dreaming and while I am awake in making a paradigm shift, so that I can give birth to the perfect sexy juicy long term, healthy, committed  relationship for me with the perfect sexy juicy soul mate for me. I am not looking to get married; however, I am looking for a love partner to explore life with and to learn, grow and evolve together with.


I got dressed to go to the conversation pool; however,  I never ended up at the conversation pool. I ended up at this big meeting in this big room where everyone is dressed. I am wondering why everyone is dressed, and if I am too late for the conversation pool.


I live in a clothing optional resort, so we don’t wear clothes in the pool. I was most recently in a wonderfully juicy loving relationship with a man who I felt was a soul mate connection, and sometimes we would go in the conversation pool where it is warmer and quieter. We would have these wonderful conversations.  I have been wondering if he and I will ever have the conversation that is so important for me to have with him in order for us to move forward with our  relationship. For me, without that conversation we can never move forward into a long term, healthy, committed juicy relationship. I now wonder if it is too late. The ball is now in his court.

Clothes to me in this dream  means covering up and hiding.  In a nudist environment, when we shed our clothes, we have nothing to hide. Being open and vulnerable in a relationship means shedding the emotional scars of the past, and being authentic and real. I have some growing to do.

Six months ago, after programming my dreams with my Dream Doula, I had a series of dreams in which I was passionately kissing someone. Those dreams came true when a man I had been friends with for about 5 years unexpectedly turned into a juicy relationship. Here are a few of the kissing dreams that I had not necessarily in their correct order:


WOOHOO! My Naked Man Is On His Way Dream


Kissing The Man With The Red Tattoo Dream


My Amazing Juicy Kiss Dream


Thank you my Dream Doula for the enlightening dream I had last night. I looking forward to your enlightening messages in my dreams tonight. If you would like a Dream Coaching Session with me, so that I can show you how to get the results you want from your dreams, click here.