Last night, I programmed my dreams with Archangel Raphael (the Angel of Healing) and my Guardian Angel. I asked for healing on my  anger towards my ex husband that I have been holding on to, for 44 years (yes that long). I felt trapped in my marriage.  I have never remarried. I was so unhappy in the marriage that I actually remember the very second, the very moment, I made the decision  to keep myself alone.  It is time to let it go and shift that decision in my body, mind, soul and spirit, because I have been alone for too long. I also asked for healing of any negative karma with money and men that I might have brought into this lifetime.


At 3:28am this morning, I woke up and journaled part of a dream that I had. According to Denise Linn’s book “The Hidden Power Of Dreams”, dreams that occur between 1 and 3am  (among other things) have to do with the future and regeneration. Now  dreams that occur between 3 and 5am (among other things) can be psychic and transformational. I included both times, because I am not sure what time the dream started.

In real life, I am going on a new age/metaphysical cruise in 13 days; and I am very excited. In the dream, Archangel Raphael came on a boat trip with me. I know my Guardian Angel was there too. We are already  in the middle of the ocean when they showed up or when I realized that they were there. That makes me feel very safe and happy.  Healing energy will be wonderful to experience on this cruise. I am going to be taking a lot of workshops. 

Raphael is also the Archangel for sailors.  He will help me with smoothing airplane turbulence (if there is any), receiving cooperation from the airline, and also in getting my luggage quickly when my flight lands. Raphael also combines his healing and travel talents to assure that I  will stay well prior to and during my vacation.



When I went back to sleep,  I had a precognitive dream that I was at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport and that I needed a cab from the airport to the cruise ship terminal. The first cab driver would not take me; however, the second cab driver agreed. He said it would be $20. I was thinking to myself “OY I only have $1 left for a tip).  I am being told to have faith on this trip, because Archangel Raphael and my Guardian Angel  are going to take care of all aspects of this trip.

I am going to ask for Archangel Michael (Angel of Protection)  to be on this trip with me as well. 


I woke up around 6:45am from this third dream segment. Things that happened during the day or things that are cluttering up or clogging up our lives could happen during this time period. I believe that the meaning of this last dream segment is two fold. In this part of the dream, for some reason, I was sleeping over at the home of the woman who is my website builder. I had to sleep in her bed. I was having trouble sleeping, because she was across the room and in front of me sitting in a chair at her desk talking on the phone all night to some guy. I could not sleep, because of all the noise and talking. I was also throwing things off the bed. At 5am in the morning she wanted to go out and party.  

The fact that she was talking on the phone to a guy and that there was  a bed in this dream has to do with intimacy and closeness with a man, which is something that I desire very much. I have not been in a relationship for at least a couple of years. At the same time, having my space is very important to me. It is difficult to sleep when I am not alone.

Since my website builder is in the room, she represents the building of my dreams and goals and the expansion of my business. In real life, she has also been sick with a bad cold for the last few days, so there has been a delay in making some changes to my website.

For me, the number 5  represents my strong inner desire to break free from the old constraints  that have been holding me back in matters of love,  success and prosperity.

This morning when I woke up, I pulled a card from Denise Linn Gateway Dream Oracle Card Deck. It was the card that said “Hearing Messages From Spirit”.  Yes the Angels came through loud and clear last night. Thank you Archangel Raphael and my Guardian Angel for  bringing my issues to the surface to heal.