Dear God, Archangel Raziel and Archangel Raphael. Please help me to experience deep healing and restorative sleep tonight, so that I can wake up feeling well rested and fully restored. Please also do some healing work on me for continuing to free me of my past life and present life vows of poverty, so I can live a very prosperous life filled with love, joy and travel. 


I was going on a cruise. A guy I know could not drive me all the way to the port, so he got his daughter to drive me from  Naples to Key West where the ship is leaving from, or she could have been driving me to Naples to catch the boat to Key West.  It is 11:00 am already, and it is a 2 hour drive. This means that I will not get to the ship until 1pm. I wanted to get there much earlier.  Suddenly, I decided to change my purse, and take a bigger purse. I put the small purse in the bigger one. Now I was ready to leave.


Leaving at 11am, could mean that big things and new beginnings are about to happen for me.  I asked for help in my dreams for breaking free of my past life and present vows of poverty, so I can live a very prosperous life filled with love, joy and travel. I want to get there by 1:00pm, because I know deep within my soul that this is  the destination for new beginnings. In regards to it taking two hours to reach the boat, for me the number 2 relates to the union between two souls, and also it means for me the union of body, mind, soul and spirit for achieving my financial goals. For me, wanting to get to the boat means my desire to cruise more in real life. In order for me to cruise more, I need to be more financially prosperous. The good news is that I found a bigger purse, so to me that means that I am making more room for abundance and prosperity in my life. I think the guy not being able to drive me to the port means that I have had some disappointments in relationships in my recent past, and the last man I was in a relationship with was quickly aborted.