Last night, I once again called in Cupid to work with me in removing emotional blockages to meeting my soul mate and for opening my heart, mind and soul to a soul mate relationship.

I dreamed of being inside a store or someone’s home, which was owned by a woman. There was a snake in a cage. I took the snake out of the cage, and I lovingly held the snake, which also seemed to be cute, sweet, loving and harmless. It gave me a feeling of love, and I loved the snake. I went there again to visit the snake, and this time there was a tall handsome dark haired man there with a gotee. I found the cage, but I did not see the snake at first, but then the snake started forming, evolving and shedding. It did not look like the same snake. I had a little fear inside of me that the snake was reforming.


For me, the woman whose place that the first snake was in represented me. The snake left me with such a positive, peaceful and beautiful feeling of love. I feel almost like the snake was my inner child, and that I was loving my inner child.I have been awake for a few hours, and I still get a peaceful feeling when I think of that snake.

When I went back, there was a man there, and the snake was changing.  The man and the snake represents my inner most hidden fears of commitment  when it comes to my relationships with men. In my brief marriage when I was young, I felt trapped. I have never remarried. Cupid is once again showing me that even though my heart says that I want a long term relationship, my mind says no. The picture represents me holding my heart inside a cage, because of the feelings of being trapped in my marriage. I married him, because I wanted to get out of the house. I talked myself into being in love with him. I now have to heal from that marriage in order  to trust my heart to allow love a long term love relationship into my life.

Thank you Cupid for guiding me and helping me to “see” through my issues.