I  had a decluttering dream a couple of nights ago after programming my dreams to bring in a soul mate. In my dream, everything was in the trunk of my car and there were papers everywhere all over my home. I was told (by the powers that be) that my answer was two blocks away. The dream was definitely telling me to declutter my mind, body, soul and spirit.

I have lived in my condo in Florida for 12 years. I am currently taking Denise Linn’s online course called “21 Days To Fabulous Abundance. The first week is all about decluttering, so I have been on a very important mission to completely declutter my office by the end of the year.  My office is in the rear right corner of my home, which is the love and romance corner of my home in Feng Shui.

Although on the outside surface, my office looked neat, there has been another story going on inside my closet, my desk drawers and the cabinets. Hidden away were hundreds of pieces of mail, bank statements, you name it, that have been there for 12 years. Although these items were unseen, I was no longer comfortable working in my office.  No wonder I have been single for awhile. I have already had a shredding company come out and shred 13 bags (medium size kitchen garbage bags) of this unseen mail hidden in my closets and next week 13 more bags will be shredded. I have been to the Salvation Army and Goodwill a number of times with clothes that I have not worn in more then a year, and I will be going again on Monday. I have made a lot of progress. I am going to also get rid of the big oversized desk as soon as I have completed my decluttering mission.

My bedroom is in the money corner of my home.  I have a beautiful money alter in the rear left corner of my bedroom and a beautiful love alter in the rear right corner of my bedroom.  I also have a dream alter in my bedroom.

Around the year 2000, while I was still living in California, I decided to “heal” my bedroom of its bad feng shui. My bedroom was in the very rear right corner of my home, which in Feng Shui is the love and relationship corner of the home. I had a broken desk in my bedroom and the closets were filled up to the brim with items I no longer used. When I walked into the bedroom, the closet closet wall faced me. No wonder I had not dated anyone for awhile. After removing the broken desk, decluttering my closet and added some key items to the love and romance corner, I  placed a sign on the closet wall saying “My heart is open please come in”. The next day, I had two men pursuing me, and one of the men became my boyfriend. My bedroom and my bed were once again a confy and sexy corner of my house.

Time for big changes. Can’t wait to see what 2017 brings.