I have not been sharing my dreams for awhile, because I felt that they were too personal to share. IMy hormones have been totally out of wack. They have  been adjusted, and I am now feeling myself again. Now I am back to wanting to bring in a soul mate. I put my desire for a soul mate on hold while I was feeling out of sorts.


Dear God, Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Ariel. Please come into my dreams tonight, and work with me in opening the door to love for me, so that the perfect right soul mate could come to me and be standing there when I open the door.


Since my friends all seemed to be moving to new homes, I decided to move to the same neighborhood. I was told after I made the move that I might have trouble with talking on the phone, since it had bad reception within its walls. I was a little concerned about that, but then I resolved it with ear buds, It was something that I had to do when I lived in my condo in California years ago. I suddenly see a deer in my shower, and it was a totally glass see through shower. I was in awe of the deer being in my shower. I started to move toward the deer and the shower. I stopped, because the deer saw me. He came out of the shower and walked toward me. I was not afraid. All of a sudden, the deer said “OH” in a surprised way, and then he became a man. I am not sure, but I think the man might have gently and lovingly guided the image of the deer out of my house.

There were two guys that I know in the same neighborhood. They were having a gathering. I got into one of the guys car naked, and he pulls out of my driveway He was driving, and I am wondering how I am going to get back in the house without people seeing me naked. I was not too worried though. I was, however, quite aware that I was naked.


First of all, I feel really good about this dream, and I feel filled with love since I woke up this morning. As I am writing this, I am also feeling the energy of the man who transformed from being a deer even though I have no idea who he is.

This dream showed me that I am moving into a new headspace about being in a relationship (represented by moving into a new home). The initial concern about not having good reception is about keeping the communication lines open, and being receptive to love coming into my life. I found a resolution, which were ear plugs, so it was not a major concern. The shower represents cleansing and purification of any negative beliefs and fears that I am still holding onto about being in a serious relationship. The shower being all glass with nothing to hide shows me that not only I am willing to be vulnerable and transparent, but so is the man deer. Deers are sweet and loving to me. When the deer turned into a man, it surprised the man. He reminded me of a younger picture of a man I currently have feelings for, but in his younger days.

I am in the car with a man who is driving. I am naked, which makes me realize that I have let go of the control I have over my love life. I am allowing myself to be naked and vulnerable. It makes me realize that the OH was actually a POP, which to me means that I made the connection. and the sudden transforming of the deer into a man was the man emerging and showing up. I made a connection with someone, so I am thinking that it could be a precognitive dream. Now time will tell who it turns out to be.