Last evening, while pondering who I was going to program into my dreams,  I began to feel intense energy in my chest area as if someone was thinking of me. This time, however, it was not the energy of an earthly being. It was the energies of Goddess Guenivere, a love Goddess, and Angel Mihael, the angel of lasting soul mate/twin flame love. I felt like they were calling out to me, and so  I programmed them into my dreams.


I woke up at 2:53am and recorded the following dream: Goddess Guenivere was with me by my side, and I feel like we were arm and arm. I felt her and saw her in my dream. She was dressed in an old fashioned very long dress, and she was wearing a hat. I did not see the color of the dress.  It was all about rebirth for me. I was shifting and changing, and I know she was showing me and guiding me in how to making the changes I need to make in order to allow my soul mate into my life. It felt like I was going through some kind of metamorphosis in the dream.  Although in the dream, I did not hear what she was saying, it did not matter. She was there, and that is all I needed.


Channelled message from Goddess Guenivere – I was guiding you to him, but you woke up too early. this man is someone who has mutual love for music and new thought.  He is inspirational, and he will teach you how to love. You have already met him in your past dreams.  You woke up so soon; otherwise, the introduction would have been made.

Angel Numbers 253 in dreams means that while I am going through the important life changes,  the Angels (particularly Mihael), Goddess Gueniviere and  all the Higher Powers are giving me the strength and providing me with protection in letting go of all my fears or concerns. They are wanting me to have faith and the courage to trust in what I already know.

I feel so blessed to have had Goddess Guenivere by my side last night.


I dreamed that I was  boarding a cruise ship. After I boarded, I realized that I had forgotten all of my makeup. I was stressing out over it and trying to figure out how I could get my makeup on the ship. I asked my mother (RIP) if she would help me get my makeup, but she said no. I knew, once we sailed,  that I could buy makeup on the ship. I asked, and I was told that it would cost me $400.  The whole entire  segment of this dream was about me searching for my make up.


Letting go of my childhood never ending story is like letting go of my emotional mask and my old beliefs (representing the makeup) .I am definitely going through some kind of emotional healing journey, and it is now time to embrace the new me and the  new beliefs that go alongside the new me.

The Angel Number 400 in my dream shows that  Angel Mihael is letting me know  that I am loved and that I am safe. All the work  that I have been doing in my dreams in achieving my love goals is going to pay off.