Please read yesterday’s blog post ADDING LORD GANESH TO MY DREAM ALTER , and how I found the statue of him in the mall.


Last night I programmed Ganesh to work with me in my dreams. He is a powerful Hindu God of success and destroyer of evils and obstacles. He is also worshipped as the god of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth. He is the perfect mythical God to call into our dreams to remove obstacles in every aspect of our lives. I asked him to remove  my own inner obstacles to love and prosperity resulting from childhood. Tonight I will also include past lives.

In the first part of my dream, there was a little brown and white mouse in my house. This mouse was outside at first and then somehow it got into my house.  I was afraid the mouse would bite me, but it didn’t; and I was asking others to help me get rid of the mouse. I even brought it some cats and a friend’s dog, but the mouse didn’t leave. In the morning, I shared this part of the dream with my friend, Amy, and she told me about the pictures and story of Ganesh having a mouse in his vehicle. I never knew about the mouse and the story.  See below.

Programming Lord Ganesh Into My Dreams

What I surprisingly discovered is that there is a story of how a mouse became Ganesha’s vahana (vehicle). A celestial musician by the name of Krauncha, became a mouse due to a curse of Rishi Vamadeva. The animal created a lot of ruckus, so to teach it a lesson, Ganesh  bound the mouse. Later, when the mouse begged pardon, Ganesha made this little mouse  his own vehicle.

The mouse showing up in my house, my private and sacred space (which represents my mindset) showed me that Ganesh was working with me in my dreams to resolve fears  fears and beliefs that I carry with me from childhood. This is incredible proof that the mythical God and Goddesse are real and powerful within each and everyone of us if we chose to work with them, because they have powerful healing modalities. When I channelled Ganesh upon waking up, he said that the mouse represented a little old lady entering my sacred space and crossing my boundaries. Ahhh, that would have been my mother. Her beliefs became my beliefs whether I wanted them or not. I have to somehow cut  those unwanted cords between us. Thank you Ganesh. I know you can help me with this.

In the second part of my dream, I was at some kind of singles event. I was very interested in a man; however, he chose another woman to go out on a date with declaring her beautiful. The next thing I knew, he had moved on from that woman to someone else.  Through that part of the dream, it brought up feelings of me not feeling pretty enough or good enough to be loved.

ADDENDUM ADDED 2:45 PM today, Saturday. Turns out that it was a precognitive dream after all.  I was speaking to a gentleman in the pool today. He appeared interested in me; however, he kept talking about his ex and how beautiful she was. I was a little put off by it, and it brought up those feelings that I had in my dream.  He is much younger than me.. I then overheard him saying to some guy that he had a date tonight, but he wasn’t in a relationship.

In the third part of the dream, there was also some sort of buffet for our singles group, but there was a much smaller group then expected there, and it was disappointing.  I understood the meaning of  that dream. For many years, there were two singles groups here at Caliente Clothing Optional Resort. The number of people attending the dinners started to dwindle over the years until we finally had to stop having them.  There is someone still trying to keep one of the groups alive, and he is planning on having a dinner in October. Future prediction perhaps?