On the Cruise Into Spirit Cruise, I went to a Special Event held by Denise Linn. Each of us got a beautiful blessed turkey feather from Denise Linn. We meditated with our turkey feather for the name. The feather carries the spirit of an Indian man named The Wonderer . I feel a lot of powerful energy in that Turkey Feather. It is now on my dream alter.

Last  night, I programmed my dreams with God, the Holy Spirit and Celtic Goddess Guenivere and The Wonderer. My goal is to continue to raise my core vibration through my dreams and in the awake state.

I woke up around 5:00am from the following dream and journaled it. I then continued the dream until about 7:30am. In this dream, for some reason, I moved out of the beautiful resort I live in to a very trashy neighborhood. The neighborhood did not feel very safe. The yard  seemed to have a lot of junk and trash around it. Inside, there were hard wooden boards inside and around the furniture. A man who was helping me move accidentally bumped into one of those boards and hurt his lower back.  Unwanted trash would just keep appearing on my doorstep, and I would have to be constantly removing it. I was very unhappy there, and I felt like I did not belong there. This house and neighborhood did not feel like or even represent me. I wanted to come back to where I am living now, where I feel safe, loved and comfortable. I could not drive my car in the dark there, because I did not know what I was going to run over. There was this guy, and I believe he was either the maintainence guy or the landlord. He took one of the chairs from my beautiful cocktail table and replaced it with a dirty looking coach. I went outside, and I was hysterically crying. There were a lot of neighbors there, and a dark haired woman was trying to comfort me. I wanted to move back to my home where I got to keep what I owned and noone would take things away from me.

Homes represent our emotional state of mind. I feel like a lot of emotional “stuff” (represented by the trash and junk) is coming up for me to deal with. That “stuff” showing up are the fears, negative beliefs, patterns and unsecurities that have been hidden inside of me since birth. It is all there for me to see. I have tried to hide them from myself and push them down (front porch). They are coming up for me to see, and it is time to release that stuff, so that I can continue to raise my core vibration.

Dreams occuring between 3am and 5am represent inner grief, receiving love, letting go, completion, freedom and expression. Dreams between 5 and 7am have to do with things that are cluttering up or clogging up our lives. It is also a time for expressing outer grief.

My dad’s brother and family for many years while I was growing up were behind the Iron Curtain in Russia. My parents when I was young would send care packages to them; and without asking, they would take my toys, clothes and things that I loved away from me to send to Russia. I will never forget the beautiful cherished rag doll that they took from me to send there without my permission. One day it was just gone. I later found out that they took it and put it in the box. I came to believe that my feelings did not matter to them. In the dream, I wanted to move back to my current home where I got to keep everything I owned and noone would take things away from me. That is why I was crying hysterically in the dream. All of that emotion was stuffed inside of me, and I never expressed the sadness and pain of not feeling like I was being taken seriously. I kept it all inside of me growing up.

Sometimes I feel like I keep myself single and alone, so noone can take things away from me. I control who I allow into my space, and I feel like that is represented by the hard wooden boards (rigidity). The man in the dream who hurt his lower back by bumping into the boards is represented in my lower back pain that I have been experiencing for many years all from being in control over who enters my sacred space.

All the “garbage” from  my past is coming up for me to see and release. Thank you God.