Last night, I programmed my dreams with God, my Higher Power and Archangel Chamuel. Again, I asked them to work on me while I am sleeping and dreaming (and while I am awake) for the continuation of the raising my core vibration. I also asked for the continuation of the raising my wealth frequency, my success frequency, my love frequency and my health frequency. I also asked to be a clear and perfect channel for the information they are sending me in my dreams and while I am awake.

I woke up at 4am, and I felt hot. The air conditioner was acting very wierd. After  adjusting it, it became cool again. I then dreamed that I woke up in the morning and the power was off. The light switches would not work; however, the TV and the phone were on independently by themselves like magic. I could see the light in the TV. I wanted to get ready for the day, but without electricity, it was more difficult. In the dream, I was supposed to go out with a neighbor (male) and a friend of mine (female) together. They do not know eachother in real life. She told me over the phone to expect to be out longer then we first thought. I decided not to go with them. I did not realize that the lights went back on.

The air acting wierd (even though it was not a dream) was a direct sign from the universe that my frequencies are shifting and changing, and that I have to do some readjusting. In the dream, the light switches not working and the power being off, is a direct sign from Archangel Chamuel, God and my Higher Power that my frequencies are definitely changing, and that I am readjusting to the change. Being able to see the light on the TV is showing me that the light (the power) is within me, and I truly believe that I will be out of the “darkness” soon.  Electricity is energy.  The fact that I was told in the dream that in going out with my friends that we would be out longer then expected, means that I took control and decided that I did not have to wait for the changes within me to happen. I have the power within me to make these changes NOW.