Last night, I programmed my dreams with God, Morpheus and Angus Mac Og. My goal was for them to assist me in my dreams, so that i could have  vivid dreams of my soul mate (whomever he may be). I know for certain that we all have more then one soul mate, which is why I am leaving it up to the Universe and my  dream spirits to choose for me. I also asked them to help me to remove all blockages to have a long lasting relationship by opening my heart to receiving and accepting love, and to open HIS heart to receiving and accepting love.


Angus Mac Og is the Irish Lord Of Love.  Programming my dreams with Angus Mac Og  is necessary for me, so that I can remove whatever is blocking me from having a successful long term soul mate relationship. Morpheus is the Lord Of Dreams. I programmed Morpheus into my dreams to “see” my future soul mate and to have prophetic dreams. To be honest, last night’s dreams, I did not necessarily see my future soul mate; however,  it helped me to see that I am moving up to a higher vibration.


The major focus of my dream was stairs, and they looked like beautiful marble fancy stairs. At one point, I was walking down the stairs feeling ugly and dressed in an ugly outfit. I am questioning myself in the dream as to why I am wearing what I am wearing. I am just not feeling good about myself. The next thing I knew, Donna who was my best friend until about a year ago (long story) and her boyfriend, Steve, were in my dream and in a race. They were racing up the stairs. I sat on the stairs for quite awhile waiting for them to come back down. They did not.  I ran up the stairs, and I found them.


In my dream, it is obvious to me that I have a lot of insecurities, which is why initially I am running down the stairs to a lower vibration. Donna and  Steve represent to me a successful loving soul mate relationship. They are in a spiritual marriage, and they are completely devoted to each other. At my age, I have no desire to be in a legal marriage; however, I long for a spiritual marriage filled with love, joy, passion and intimacy. Sitting on the stairs at first, shows me that I was hesitant due to my insecurities to go to a higher vibration. I finally did.

Although, I did not quite meet my future soul mate in this particular dream, I believe that my dream guides are assisting me in going to a higher vibration where my future soul mate is waiting for me. They are preparing me. I cannot wait to program my dreams again tonight with God, Angus Mac Og and Morpheus. Stay tuned…..


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