Linda Kaye, The Dream Goddess

Before you read this blog post, you might want to first read my blog post from yesterday, PIRATES, A KNIFE AND BURIED TREASURE DREAM. It will explain about this dream that I am blogging now as it is a continuation from the DREAM I had last night. DREAMING to me is like unraveling a puzzle.  As a DREAM COACH,  I dream every night, and I remember all of my DREAMS. It did not used to be that way. I began my DREAM JOURNEY approximately a year ago when I made a decision to travel to Santa Fe, New Mexico, to take a certification course to become a GATEWAY DREAM PRACTITIONER through DENISE LINN.  CLICK HERE for my kindle ebook, “The Dreamers Guide To Creating The Sexy Juicy Soul Mate Of My Dreams”.

Due to the fact that in my PAST LIFE DREAM from the night before a Pirate was trying to take my treasures from me, I decided to call in the Pirate into my DREAMS along with my DREAM DOULA and my SOUL. I asked them to guide me in my dreams in finding the buried treasures within myself and to find the parts of my soul that were lost in that lifetime and also in my childhood. I also asked them to light my path to the perfect soul mate for me.


In my dream, I am sitting around with a group of people. Some of us are sitting on the couch, and there is this man who actually looks like the man that I kissed in my dreams a few nights ago (MY AMAZING JUICY KISS DREAM). He is sitting on the floor at my feet. I tell him in front of everyone that he’s hot and that I am really attracted to him. As I am writing this, I feel like I love him already and that I know him.  I feel his energy. My SOUL MATE is coming soon. Earlier, before we are all sitting around, he was trying to guide me in investing wisely with my money. In another part of my dream, I am trying to watch TV. It’s like we all have open rooms and cubicles. Someone complains that I am too loud.


I feel like the the Pirate, my Soul and my DREAM DOULA brought in the man that I kissed in my previous dream to talk about investing my money wisely.  In a way he was assisting me in finding my buried treasure – self worth, love, wealth, abundance, etc. When I  did some dream gazing to see the response this man gives me to my words that he is hot, he is massaging my feet.


I came to believe as a child that I had to bury my treasure (my worth), because it would be taken away from me just like in that past life with the Pirate. I grew to believe in childhood that I had to silence and suppress myself.


Who is that hot guy whose energy I feel right now? What more do I need to do to uncover the hidden buried treasure within my soul, my heart, my mind, my body and my spirit? Who hijacked my spiritual gold and my creative wealth?


I will continue to ask the Pirate, my Soul and my Dream Doula to work with me in my dreams in finding and rediscovering my hidden treasure, my spiritual gold and my creative wealth.