Last night, I programmed my dreams with Archangel Raphael and Archangel Raziel for help with my impending dream journey  of adventure in removing blockages and also in healing my self worth, my heart walls, and my wealth walls in the most surprising ways that I will recognize. I also asked my chosen dream guides to light my path and guide me in my dreams and while I am awake in the direction I need to go for connecting with the right people, places and opportunities in all aspects of my life  in the most surprising ways that I will recognize .


I know that my friend is dating this guy and I also know that he is lying about  his numbers. His numbers are all wrong, and I want to prove it to her. He knows that I know that he is lying,  He is connected to these guys, and they all came over to fix something. I don’t trust him, so I am watching him while I am secretly checking his numbers.  They are done with whatever they have been fixing, but now they are sitting right outside the door/window with the motor running in their car or motorcycle.  The motor is very loud and noisy. It sounds like varooom varooom. I go the window/door, and I tell them that they are too loud and rude and to shut off the motor. They shut off the motor, but they don’t leave.


I felt very tired and emotional when I woke up from my dream journey of adventure.


Dream Interpretation 1 – I feel like this is a duel dream. One of my friends is dating her ex, and she is uncomfortable with her decision to date him. She keeps going back and forth in her thoughts, and in some ways she has told me that the numbers don’t add up in being with him. She was also telling me that there was a motorcycle rally in her town yesterday, and she was hearing the revving up of the engines while she was talking to me.

Dream Interpretation 2 – When I went to bed last night, I asked Archangel Raphael and Archangel Raziel to help me receive their messages in my dreams loudly and clearly, so that I would understand them and remember them. Perhaps  my dream had to do with not trusting myself to move forward in life. I feel like the men that this guy was connected to were Archangel Raphael and Archangel Raziel, and they were  definitely trying to get my attention by revving up the motor. I know that they were waiting for me to go with them. I sense that they came over to heal and fix my inner value (worth), my heart walls and my wealth walls, because  my goals and desires do not seem to be adding up financially for me. I have a strong desire for more financial freedom, so that I can cruise more often then I am. I have a feeling I don’t feel worthy. I sense that the numbers have to do with my inner value, and that everyone of us has their own inner set of numbers (our worth and value) that shape our lives, our personalities, our beliefs and our future.  Perhaps my inner numbers don’t seem to be connecting and jiving with my goals and desires. Motor guy had a beard. My friend’s guy was clean shaven.


How do I get the numbers to add up correctly, so that I can pursue my goals and desires? How can I be ready and willing to go with the Archangels in their plan for  connecting me to the right people, places and connections?


To connect with the Archangels, and to help me to go with them to wherever I need to go to connect with whoever and whatever I need to connect with in order to reach my goals and desires in my dreams and while I am awake. I know I went the night before with them.


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