Dear God and Archangel Raphael. While I am sleeping tonight and in the morning, please envelope me in your healing energy, so that I can sleep peacefully and deeply uninterrupted throughout the night waking up feeling like I had a good nights sleep. In my dreams tonight, please help me to make a paradigm shift from a scarcity belief paradigm to an abundance belief paradigm shift. 


My mother who is no longer alive is the main focus of my dream. She is still alive in my dream though, and she has a young female companion with her. The young female companion tells me that my mother is dying. I whisper to my mother as she is laying in bed that I need to talk to her, so we either go into another room or we go outside. The reason I say outside is because I believe we were standing next to a car. I ask my mother if she is dying, and  I tell her that the young girl told me. I also tell her that if she does not tell me I will call her doctor. My brother who is also in the background of my dream knows as well. She acknowledges that she is dying, but she does not say from what. She also tells me to go ahead and call her doctor. I get the vibe that she is dying from dementia. I then go to bed, and I realize that all the lights are out in my bedroom.


My mother died from dementia 7 years ago this coming August. My mother worried about money constantly. There was never enough money for her and my dad. She grew up during World War 2 in India, and they did not have much money. Their house was bombed, and they struggled to keep a roof over their heads. It was a very difficult time for them. At some points, they did not have a home.  My dad was in a concentration camp during his teenage years, and thank God he escaped to Israel. They met in Los Angeles when he came to fix her toilet. I know that the young girl with my mother is me. As a young girl going into adulthood I inherited her constant worrying about money. It does not matter how much money I have, I still worry.

I used to worry about running out of money. Through my dream programming, I do not worry about running out of money anymore. I have a thriving business. There is always going to be more then enough money. My issue right now is guilt over wanting to spend money traveling and cruising. Should I never go anywhere, and save and save and save, or should I enjoy life and travel.  The guilt is from my mother, and so now I know what I have to work on next. The dream showed me that I am in the process of making a paradigm shift. In the dream, my mother is dying, so the scarcity belief paradigm and my mother’s negative influence over money is dying, and it is shifting into an abundance paradigm.  The car means movement and transformation to me. The young girl with my mother who told me that my mother was dying is me. Her influence over me regarding money feels like it is dying. The lights being out in my bedroom represents the fear I feel of the dark of the unknown, so I did feel a degree of discomfort ad fear when the lights went off.  Something shifted.

I have  a land trip and 3 cruises booked between now and the end of next year. I am going this June to a Celebrate Your Life event  in Chicago. One of the cruises is a Mediterranean singles cruise for November 2019. I have another singles cruise booked to the Mexican Riviera in October 2019, and I also am booked on an Abraham Hicks Caribbean cruise for April 2019. I have not been to Europe in over 40 years. I feel excited. Mixed in with the excitement is worry and guilt over spending that much money. The worry and the guilt is overwhelming me at times. I am not worried about running out of money, just spending a lot of money. I wake up in the middle of the night unable to sleep, because I think about it so much.

Tonight I will program my dreams for making a paradigm shift from a limited belief paradigm when it comes to money to an unlimited belief paradigm when it comes to money. I did have a bit of a realization this afternoon. Money means power to me. As a young adult, I used my power to overspend. I have shifted that, thank God. Up until I was 40, and I am 67 now, I was afraid to drive. I was too afraid to feel my power. 

Mom, September 1955