Dear God. I am programming my dreams with you tonight, so that we can have  conversations with each other while I am sleeping and dreaming. In my conversations with you tonight,  please show me the next right action for me to take in order for me to freely, easily and effortlessly be able to cruise and travel at least 3-4 times a year.  Please help me to  capture and remember the dreams, messages and the conversations I have with you tonight  in my dreams in the most surprising ways that I will recognize. I am grateful.


I am with a group of women, and we are sitting close together on the couch socializing. We might have been at my house even though it did not look like my house. Women started coming in who had some exciting news regarding another nudist resort in the area. That other nudist resort hooked up with a well known company to promote themselves.  All the women were covering their feet. All of a sudden, I could barely see without my glasses. It was dark. I needed to go in the other room to get my glasses, so I could see. One of the woman had to walk me to the other room, because I was scared that I would not be able to maneuver my way to the other room. My parakeet was in the other room, and she was wondering and flying around freely. She jumped on my finger, hiccuped in a strange way once and then flew away. I did not know where she was, and then I heard that she had come back.  My parents were in the dream. They had gotten a loan, so they would have enough money. 


I recognized some of the women in my dreams from the singles cruises, and some of the nudist women were blending in with the cruising group of women.  Even though I live my life as a full time nudist, my strongest desire is to cruise and travel more often then I am doing now. I enjoy cruising with a singles cruising company. I feel that this dream is saying for me to promote my business more. All of a sudden in the dream, I couldn’t see very well without my glasses. I needed someone to walk me in the darkness into the other room. I felt very unsteady and scared.  I understand this part of the dream. Not being able to see and being afraid of the darkness represents  my fear of flying  to Europe alone to board a ship. I’ll be fine once I board the ship.

The parakeet, well she represented ME as well as freedom and freely flying to another country in my dream. To me, the hiccup like symbolism was like some kind of mind transformation, because she immediately flew away. After all, I did ask to  freely, easily and effortlessly be able to cruise and travel more often. I don’t need a loan to travel, so I believe that my parents are telling me  that I will be fine financially, because they are taking care of me from above.  All of us covering our feet with socks, to me, feeling warm and safe.

I also wonder if this was a precognitive dream of what is to come.


I do not have a parakeet now, but I did have two parakeets in my 20’s . I have not flown for that long a period of time since my 20’s – 40 years ago. I have been on approximately 17 cruises to Mexico, Alaska, Caribbean, etc. I remember being in Israel in my 20’s near the Syrian border or Lebanese border (can’t remember), and daringly (while being absolutely terrified) hitching a ride back to my kibbutz. It took me a few hours, because I had to be careful who I accepted a ride from. I then on a whim flew to London. I only had $200 on me, so at first they would not let me in.  Even though I knew people there (relatives of relatives), I told them I did not know anyone. I got into a cab, and I started crying hysterically saying I did not know where to go. I was so scared of being alone in a foreign city. The cab driver was awesome. He took me to a youth hotel where the hotel clerk introduced  me to two girls from my exact same city.  They befriended me, and we hung out together until they had to leave after about a week. By then, I had my land legs back (so to speak).  I ended up calling the relatives of relatives and staying with them for awhile.