Once again, in my dream, I called in my Dream Doula, but this time I also called in God and my soul. I love working with my Dream Doula ever since she voluntarily showed up in one of my dreams to work with me. I asked her to work with me in giving birth to an even better version of myself, a prosperity consciousness and my future soul mate/Mr. Right.


In my dream, I received a postcard in snail mail to go on an all expense paid trip to Europe.  All I had to do was answer a trick question from a couple of pictures. The trip was for two. There were a lot of questions that I wanted to ask the company that was offering this; for instance, do I pay an additional fee for having separate rooms to bring someone along? I am at work. Although I am supposed to be working,  I decide to call my friend and dream sister, Amy, to see if she wants to go on this trip with me. I dial her number, but then I realized that I had accidentally called another friend; so I seized the opportunity, and I asked her if she wants to go to Europe with me. This friend and I are not close, so she got emotional and began to cry. She was touched that I asked her. She said that we would have to get together and try and see if we can figure out the trick questions from the picture. I then suddenly realized that the postcard was addressed to someone else and that it was not meant for me, but I decided to claim the opportunity to go to Europe and not deliver it to the address on the postcard.


There are times when I wonder if I will ever get to Europe again. I have not been there since my 20’s. I had planned to go a year ago. With the bombings in Belgium last March, 3 days before I was to leave and the State Department saying it was not safe for Americans to travel, I cancelled my trip 3 hours before I was to leave for the airport. I lost all the money I paid into for the trip.  It is my goal to still go to France, Greece, Italy and the British Isles. In the dream when I decided to keep the postcard with the opportunity to go to Europe, it feels like I claimed/owned the trip to Europe. My plan is to set my intentions to go to Europe, and then to save money for it.


I live in a condo, and my next door neighbor’s cat plus one additional cat appeared in my dream. I am a little bit allergic to cats in real life (more so when I was younger), so I do not have any cats of my own. They brought with them a whole pile of candy and other toys. I discover the two cats, and I go get my neighbor to tell him to come and get the cats. The cats disappear in another room, but my neighbor finds them, and he takes them home. The pile of candy is left behind. The whole time I am worried about their dander.


My neighbors are snowbirds, and they are French Canadian from Quebec. They barely speak English, and their cat only understands French. Yesterday, when I opened the door, their cat was standing there, and I could tell he wanted to come in. I closed the door, so he would not come in, since I did not want the dander in my house. Well in the dream, the cat brought another cat with him, a whole bunch of small wrapped pieces of chocolate and some toys. To me, cats are playful, cuddly, loyal. and loving. They also represent the sexual side of me.  I feel like the cats bringing chocolate represented romance and intimacy. Perhaps I was the other cat in the dream, and the male cat was leaving candy for me as a romantic display for me. I got the owner to  remove the cats from my home. Since they left behind some candy and treats, it is saying to me that they are beautiful gifts yet to be discovered within me and perhaps with a new soul mate.  My action plan is that I am going to lucid dream tonight to change the outcome of my dreams about love, romance and sex. I feel at times that I push love away in dreams.