I programmed my dreams with the Angels Of Love, Soul Mates and Twin Flames last night  to guide me to my soul mate, and I also asked them to remove blockages to connecting with my soul mate/ twin flame in the most profound, exciting and surprising ways that I will recognize.


The first part about my dream was about my soul mate, but that part slipped away when I woke up (darn). The rest I remember. I am around a lot of people, and I am given 3 different projects and work to do. I don’t feel like I am accomplishing or going as fast as I would like to in completing these projects. One of my projects is to open gifts, but I put it aside to tackle my other projects. Someone comes to me and asks me to do their project, which is unscrambling words. I told this person no, because I have my own projects and work to do. I am then sitting in a chair in a large room, and lots of people and activity going on. A man shows up, and he is standing in another isle. He looks familiar, and we glance at eachother. I am thinking that he might be part of one of my projects. Just then, someone hands me an open piece luggage (like a carry on). It is filled to the brim with wrapped gifts for me. I accept it, and I am happy. I wonder how I am going to carry an extra piece of luggage on the plane. The energy from the gifts fills the room. I open the first two, and they are a coffee pot and teapot . Now I am waking up as I am opening up my other gifts. I know those gifts can be whatever I want them to be.


This dream made me happy. Now that I am awake,  the coffee pot and the teapot are the gift of being healed.  If you have been reading my other blog posts, you will understand how coffee has played a part in me healing from some emotional trauma I went through years ago.I drink tea, but only for healing. All 3 of my projects are important  in the healing of my body, mind and soul.  I am pretty sure one of the gifts is the gift of imagination/manifesting. I have decided that my imagination can bring me whatever I desire, my soul mate/twin flame and the ability to love and be loved.  In regards to someone wanting me to unscramble words for them, I have a feeling that there is a message that my angels wanted me to figure out.  The man showing up in another isle who looked familiar, time will tell who he is. I might have been given a glance at my future soul mate.  I was given gifts, and I accepted them.  They are my inner divine gifts and whatever gifts my love angels would like to give me in the future. Wondering about carrying these gifts on the plane, I have a sense that one of the gifts is the gift of travel.


I will continue to work on myself through dream healing.