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My intention for last night was to program my dreams with the Love Angels for the purpose of connecting me to my true love and future soul mate and to remove the blocks to being in a relationship; however, as I was getting into bed, I changed my mind. I decided to program my dreams with Archangel Raphael and Archangel Ariel for support and guidance in building my financial empire. Even though I changed my mind, I have a feeling that the Love Angels came in anyway.



Dream Segment #1 – I dreamed that I was with my  friends, Ed and Donna, who are a couple. Donna was in another relationship with someone else as well. She was nine months pregnant. This was the arrangement they had, and Ed seemed perfectly fine with it. In fact, it was decided that Ed would call the other guy when it came time for her to give birth.


Dream Segment #2 – I am sitting in a room with a lot of other people and chairs are lined up in rows. There is a stage in front. We are waiting for something to happen. Ed was sitting in the chair behind me. Someone next to him, which would be to my left, pulled out the string on the back of my dress that was holding it together. The dress stayed on me even without the string holding it together. This person needed it. I was surprised, but in the dream it did not bother me. After all, I am a nudist.


Dream Segment #1 – Perhaps I am about to have a choice between two men, and Donna being 9 months pregnant in the dream could represent that I am about to give birth to true love and a soul mate relationship. Ed and Donna are soul mates and a couple deeply in love with each other.

Dream Segment #2 – I woke up feeling nervous, anxious and a little bit itchy. I definitely feel off kilter this morning. I am growing and evolving through my dreams, and each time I remove a protective layer of myself, I feel this way. In a previous dream, my scalp was itching.  I discovered the reason through my dreams. I sense a lot of fear  for me in discovering and removing the layers of myself that need to be removed in order for me to lead a rich and fulfilling life, which is represented by the string that was pulled off that held my dress together. I have always felt like I needed to be in control of my body, mind, soul and spirit, and I have a strong fear of losing control. I have been holding myself together since childhood.

Another way for me to interpret this dream is that I grew up with parents who worried about money all the time, and they never loosened their purse strings. Pulling the string off meant that  Archangel Raphael and/or Archangel Ariel had pulled the string off that was holding my dress together. By doing so, they had loosened  my purse strings.  It has to do with the level of wealth that I am willing to accept. Now without the purse strings to hold me back,  I am free to build my financial empire. The stage is set, and now it is up to me.


About 4-6 months ago, I had what I call a Spirit Dream in which the spirit of my soul mate and my soul connected in my dream and had a very long passionate, delicious and hot kiss.  We met in my dreams a few times after that, so I know he is on his way. I am preparing myself by doing a lot of dream healing, so that when he comes in my life, I will be ready on all levels.


I will be programming my dreams with Archangel Raphael tonight to help me accept the changes that are going on inside me, so that I do not experience the itching to get out feeling.


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