I programmed my dreams with Archangel Raphael, Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Ariel. I asked them to continue in my dream healing process by helping me in the continuation of experiencing oneness with my divine source in the most surprising , exciting and  profound ways that I will recognize. I also asked that they please continue to  work with me in my dreams  in helping me to make a  paradigm shift from scarcity to abundance. I have a strong desire to travel more extensively. In addition, I asked them to please shift my paradigm from feeling alone and single to a paradigm in which I feel connected, loved and wanted.


In my dream, my brother is in Vietnam. I have decided at the last minute and very spontaneously to go to Vietnam to meet him there. I am nervous, anxious, and  I am also a little scared. I am flying out with very little preparation in the middle of the night. I think I might be worried about sleeping on the flight. I am  trying to get it together and preparing as much as I can. There seems to be water overflowing out of the tub or the sink. My laptop  is floating  in the overflow. I take a bucket, and I fill it with water. I then  dump  it somewhere else. The water goes down and is back to normal instantly, and I am relieved.


I woke up this morning feeling  a bit anxious at the thought traveling to Vietnam, a place that is far out of my comfort zone. In the dream, I am traveling at night, and I am very nervous.  In real life, I have never been to Vietnam. I have no desire to go, since it would be too long of a flight. I do, however, have plans of going to Europe next year. I am excited, but  I am concerned about the long flight and my ability to sleep on the plane. It would be an overnight flight. I have been on a lot of cruises, but I have not been to Europe in over 40 years. Archangels Raphael, Ariel and Chamuel want me to expand my horizons, and they are showing me that it is time to express my personal and financial freedom and my ability to move about freely in my life without restrictions. Water overflowing  out of the sink or bathtub in my mind represents the overflowing of fears, insecurities and restrictions that hold me back in my life  (my limiting beliefs); however, in the dream, I resolved them immediately by stopping the water from overflowing. The water went down immediately. My laptop  is how I do my business, and it is in the water. I strongly believe that it represents my worries and fears about not being able to express my deep desire to travel extensively in life.