Last night, I programmed my dreams with the Dream Spirit Of The Light, God and The Wonderer (my blessed Turkey Feather with the spirit of an Indian). I asked for insight into writing my book, the continuing of raising for core vibration and raising my wealth frequencies. I had this dream in which I am in an office printing a lot of copies of something for this guy. I had to stop, because I saw a video of a family friend that I have known all my life. She was saying that she was dying, and that it would not be alive much longer. I called her to me, and I held her and let her know that I loved her. I was saying good bye to her.

I am very clear on what this dream is about. I have had a pattern most of my adult years of creating men who are emotionally unavailable, so it has manifested into a pattern for me of creating the same kind of guy only with different faces. The family friend dying means that there is an unwanted belief, pattern or aspect of me that is dying that I have carried around inside of me as emotional baggage since I have been very young. I know that this includes  other parts of my life as well (like money issues, etc.). In a nutshell, I was saying good bye to the old aspects of myself that no longer work for me, and I am welcoming the new and improved me into existence.