My dreams have been so intense the last few nights. The intensity of my dreams have  caused me not to feel like I have been getting enough sleep, so I programmed my my dreams and also my sleep with  God and Archangel Raphael last night. I asked them to please help me to get a really good night’s sleep by asking them for deep healing and restorative uninterrupted sleep. I also asked them also to help me to  remember the dreams and messages  that are important for me to remember without disturbing my sleep.


I am traveling, and I am staying in a very large grand and fancy hotel. I keep getting lost in the hotel. I cannot seem to find my way around. I am searching for the front reception desk, but it is like a maze in the hotel.  I keep asking people for directions. I find the place to eat breakfast, and at my table is Geraldo Rivera. When we all get up, I speak to him. He responds, but I cannot hear what he is saying. I ask him to repeat what he is saying 2 or 3 times, but I still cannot hear what he is saying. It is as if I am deaf. There is another man that somehow I feel a connection to, and we walk down the hallway into the restaurant together holding hands, so that we can have a meal together. He is very vocal and boisterous, and I hear him loud and clear. I have a sense that it is a romantic connection. Several times, I am trying to find the bathroom.  I had soap on my hands that I needed to wash off, but I still could not find the bathroom. I also had two boxes of candy in my arms that I had to take back to my room. 


I am taking 3 trips this year. Two of these  trips are weekend trips in June, and I will be staying in hotels for two of them.  One trip is a singles weekend in Montreal, which I am looking forward to. The other trip is to Chicago for a Celebrate Your Life where hundreds of people will be taking workshops and hopefully transforming their lives with amazing speakers like Sunny Dawn Johnson, Denise Linn, Lisa Williams, Neal Donald Walsh, John Holland,  Collette Baron-Reid, Sonia Choquette, and so many more.  These Celebrate Your Life events are fabulous, and I have attended two of them.  The third trip is a singles cruise at the end of October through Vacations To Go for Halloween.


I interpret being deaf and not being able to hear Geraldo Rivera speak to me as feeling alone and not feeling heard or important. That could be because  there seems to be an absence of communication between me and certain people in my life. I am not communicating with those who I have felt a connection to. Holding hands with a man signifies my deep desire for a loving relationship. Holding hands with a man could also be a precognitive dream of someone coming into my love life.  Perhaps I will meet him in my travels.  Soap to me means that I need to  heal and cleanse myself of issues that have been interfering with the joy and fulfillment that I would like to have in my love life. I see and feel the soap, so I am recognizing what needs to be healed. It is my intention to wash my hands of these obstacles and issues due to the fact that I am searching for the bathroom. The two boxes of candy represents to me a union of some kind, and I feel it is romantic. I need to take the candy to my hotel room before I attend the workshop. The hotel I believe is a precognitive dream for the hotels I will be staying at in June. Also, since it is such a grand hotel, it represents prosperity for me.