In these modern times, it is so easy for a man to seduce a woman, but what about emotionally seducing a woman and capturing her heart? it is a known fact that if you pursue our hearts and our minds, our bodies and our souls will follow. In my private inner book of  foreplay, romantically pursuing a woman is called emotional foreplay. It is the art of emotional seduction without her feeling like she is being forced or manipulated.  Let’s face it. we love emotional foreplay. I know for myself that I need to be kissed, caressed, hugged and made to feel like a Goddess before my juices begin to flow and my G spot says YES with total  uninhibited passion and enthusiasm.  Personally, I am not a jump in the sack kind of gal. I have to feel a connection to the man I am with, and he has to emotionally and romantically seduce me.  Here are 44 proven techniques for emotional foreplay that lead to greater intimacy, connection  and uninhibited passionate lovemaking.

1.  If you touch her soul with your eyes, her body, mind, soul and spirit will follow. .

2.  Make love to her without having intercourse or oral sex immediately with nice slow long periods of lovemaking  filled with touching, kissing and looking in her eyes.

3.  Explore Tantra message together, so your love making can last longer and be more satisfying for both of you.

4.  Chocolate is a great aphrodisiac, so try feeding her chocolate while you are in bed together.

5.  Make your woman feel like she is a Goddess. Undress her ever so slowly,  sensually and erotically.

6.  Use an expensive cologne on yourself that she cannot resist. You will reap the benefits.

7.  Make your woman feel like she is your one and only even if she isn’t.

8.  Take her to her  favorite restaurant.

9.  Cook her a delicious meal.

10. Volunteer to wash the dishes after she has cooked you a delicious meal.

11.  Call her everyday before you go to sleep OR when you first wake up in the morning. You are guaranteed to knock it out of the park with that one.

12.  Be the fine gentleman that you are, and open the car door for her.

13.  Massage her feet slowly and sensually. Give her something to look forward to. Let her know that the long slow way you massage her feet is the way you will make love to her.

14. Bring her a dozen roses just because you love her.

15. When you are walking together,  reach for her hand and hold it.

16. Take her dancing, and dance slow with her on the dance floor

17.  Kiss her passionately and erotically for no reason at all.

18.  Surprise her by getting a babysitter and then take her  to a hotel for one glorious sexy night of passion.

19.  Give her a special homemade card.

20.  Give her a romantic message.

21.  Offer a sexy bubble bath for two.

22.  Hold her while you’re watching TV.

23.  Volunteer to watch the Hallmark Channel with her or take her to a chick flick. She will love that, and she will reward you later.

24. Fix something that is broken without her asking you to.

25. Tell her she is beautiful and mean it.

26. Tell her you love  her beautiful curvy body.

27. Surprise her with a romantic vacation anywhere in the world.

28. Making sure you wake up with her in the morning.

29. Cuddling and spooning.

30. Make or buy her her favorite dessert.

31.  Give her a diamond ring.

32. Spread chocolate all over her body, and slowly and sensually lick it off.

33. Blindfold her while you make love  to her. While you are about it, blindfold yourself. What an amazing sexua ladventure you will have.

34. Write her a a beautiful love poem or long song. Better yet, sing it to her.

35.  Buy her something sexy and lacy.

36. Scribble sexy notes on the bathroom mirror.

37.  Instinctively find her G Spot. If you don’t know where it is, ASK HER. She will appreciate you taking the time to find out.

38. Go down on her.

39. Kiss and caress her on the neck .

40. Sit on each other’s lap while connected and touching hearts while feeling each other’s bodies, and staying connected like that when you actually have intercourse with her.

41.  Bring her her favorite bottle of wine.

42.  Put the toilet seat down.

43.  Make  go0-g00 eyes at each other.

44.  Capture her heart with your soul. She will love you for that.

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