I programmed my dreams with my sleeping, dreaming and healing angels last night. I also asked for my soulmate/twin flame to come into my dreams to comfort me and love me the way I am, and for me to be able to feel safe enough to share my sacred space with him and to fall asleep in his arms.

I slept through the night, and I woke up just before 6 AM. The dream that I woke up to seemed to be an indication of something happening to my hair/scalp, like it was hurt or damaged. Someone said that they would go ahead and fix the hurt and damage. I was afraid that my hair/scalp might be too sore or tender and that it might not be ready for me to change it, fix it and heal it. I sense that it was an emotional thing for me, because I didn’t want anybody to know that there was something wrong with my hair/scalp and that it was being fixed. I did not think anybody could tell, but I wasn’t sure. I see that there are children around, but they cannot tell either or they are just not paying attention.

For a woman, her hair is a huge part of her identity and self image, and for that matter identifies with her sexual self. It also determines whether she’s willing to share her sacred space with somebody. I know from within the very depths of my soul that this is true for me. From the time I was young, it felt like my mother (RIP) took control of my whole entire being crossing into my sacred space and identity. My hair became her hair, and from then on she acted like she owned it. The kids made fun of me in school, so she thought that if she straightened and dyed my hair that they would stop making fun of me. I was 12 or 13 at the time. The problem is that she did both the color and the straightener at the same time on the same day. My hair started to fall out, and it took many years to start growing again. I still have issues with my hair all these years later. I call this hair trauma, because it’s almost like my mother molested my hair. I have never felt like I owned my hair, and I carry a lot of shame in my hair. I say to myself this is not my real hair. It’s my mother’s hair. in my dream, there were children who really were not paying any attention. This shows me that the fact that they made fun of me had nothing to do with my hair. I was very withdrawn due to some childhood losses before this started happening. It looks like the angels and my soulmate/twin flame Felt like it was important enough for me to heal, so I can allow my soulmate/twin flame into my life.