I am so excited about my beautiful pink Christmas tree that finally arrived. I am calling it my year round Love Affirmation Tree. This tree will give me some very nice Hallmark moments. Isn’t she beautiful?

Last night, I opted for some easy breezy romantic dreams, so I called in the Hallmark Angels. In my dream, there was a man pursuing me, but I was not interested in him the least bit. He would let me borrow what I think was his calling card. After awhile, I did not want to borrow it from him anymore. He kept bringing it to me though. I finally told him to go away, because I know that I am looking for someone fresh, new and exciting,. I did, however, actually sneak the calling card from him without him knowing  once after that.  There was someone new that I had my sights on-a handsome man in a grey suit with dark hair and a dark mustache. He kind of reminds me of what my soul ‘s beloved face looked like in my dreams a few nights ago. He was just standing in the wings of the ethers looking at me and waiting.

In another part of my dream, there is an outdoor swimming pool, and there are chairs to sit in to the left of the pool. I had a white robe on.  I wanted to put my stuff down, so I could go in the pool.  There is a man sitting on the very end chair to the right in white or tan shorts and a light blue shirt. The chairs are all occupied with people’s stuff; however, the chair on the left end was free. I am left brain, so the the left side is perfect for me.  I had no emotional connection to the guy on the right who is completely opposite of me. A swimming pool to me means a place to cleanse and heal. The white robe, to me, represents that I am about to shed the old outdated beliefs that I have about myself relating to love, sex and romance.

Throughout the whole dream I was  lucid dreaming continually reminding myself what I was dreaming about, so when I woke up I could journal it. I was also picking up red ribbon (passion) and the energy of Halloween.