After my dreams with the beautiful lady in red in the very early morning hours of the morning before this one (3/2), I decided to change it up a little. I programmed my dreams with my Dream Lady In Red to guide me in the direction I need to go in my love life, my finances and in my travel adventures. Of course, I also asked for my Dream Doula to come into my dreams as well. 

In my dreams, I am attending an in person workshop.  I am somewhat distracted, and I am eating a tuna sandwich. I put the sandwich on the table when it is half way eaten, so that I could pay attention and do one of the exercises. We do this connection exercise in which we have to hug someone. I do not want to hug/connect with any of the men, because I was not drawn or attracted to them or it could be that I am afraid of the intimacy on all levels that comes with being in a relationship. There is, however, this one woman with extremely white teeth who faces me, and we we hug/connect. We are about to do another exercise, and this other woman comes to me. I think that she wants to do an exercise with me. She lays down on her back on the floor, and I am sitting facing her on the floor.  I am not hearing what she is saying. I say to her “I am not hearing you”, so she repeats what she is saying. I repeat myself “I am not hearing you. Can you please sit up, so I can hear you”? She gets angry, and she tells me that I am not listening or paying attention in the class, and that I need to get with the program if I want to continue to be in the class. This dream is showing me that I am not playing full out in life.

I experienced feelings of being a failure when the woman told me that I was not listening. I also experienced discomfort and a little bit of fear with the exercise in connecting with the men in the group. 

In my dream interpretation, this dream showed me that I experience discomfort and fear in “connecting” on the heart level with men when it comes to letting them in emotionally. Connecting with the woman with extremely white teeth, showed me that I am in the process of healing. I believe that she is my Dream Doula working with me in matters of the heart, body, mind and soul.  The big question is what I am not hearing or listening to in terms of my love life? I will explore this in my dreams tonight.

This morning, I went to my book shelf and asked that questions. I then closed my eyes, picked a book at random and picked a page. I opened my eyes to discover that I had chosen the book Illuminata by Marianne Williamson. The page I chose was “Prayer For Great Love”.  Wow! I am receiving some deep divine messages. Thank you God, and thank you my Dream Doula and my Dream Lady In Red.

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