I initially started programming my dreams last night with Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael.  I then realized that I needed to add God to my chosen dream team for my dream journey that night.  I asked them to continue to help me in making major paradigm shifts, so that I can live a fun, fulfilling and passionate life & experience more inner personal freedom in all areas of my life in the most exciting, surprising and profound ways that I will recognize.  I am so ready for big changes to take place within me and in my life.

As I was going to sleep, I felt and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that one of the Archangels tapped me on the arm. It actually felt like this Archangel had feminine  energy, and that I was being given a HIGH FIVE, because my archangels and God even knew what a wonderful dream team I had just programmed my dreams with.


Dream Snippet #1 – A woman contacted me insisting that the father I knew to be my biological father was not my actual true biological father, and she wanted to prove it to me. She even was trying to push me out of bed in my dream state to get me to go along with her in her pursuit of the truth. She insisted on taking me with her to do the research, because she was 100% sure, and she wanted to give me proof. I went along with her even though I thought it was a bit out of the ordinary and strange.  I realized as the dream was progressing that I was having a significant dream, so I woke myself up to record it.

Dream Snippet #2 –  For me this is a double entendre.

While I am blogging this, I am coughing and clearing my throat, so the Archangels are working on my throat chakra.  In this part of my dream, I am somewhere where I need to catch a bus. I have way too many books in my bag, and I don’t want it to be too heavy to carry. I take out some of the books to make my bag lighter. I know the bus is going to come any minute, so I go outside to make my way to the bus stop. There are some guys in a car, and they are calling my name using my maiden name. Apparently, I went to high school with one of them. I stopped for a second, and then I see the bus traveling past me. There is a car in the way, so it has to go around the car to get to the bus stop. It was not able to stop for me, and I missed the bus.



Dream Snippet #1

For me this dream snippet is a double entendre.

I find this dream very interesting. My biological father disappeared when I was two years old never to be heard from again. My mother remarried when I was 6 years old, and he adopted my brother and me. He is the only father I ever knew. I do not remember my biological father. I am thinking that the woman might have been my mother trying to get me to see that my adoptive father was my REAL father. I found out when I was 12 that he was not my biological father, and I shut down on him. I never accepted him, and there was always distance between us. It appears that I am in the process of healing that experience.

My second dream interpretation is that the woman could have been an Archangel appearing as feminine energy, like perhaps Haniel.

Dream Snippet #2

For me this dream snippet is also a double entendre.

The first dream interpretation feels like my  school days when I carried a huge emotional load on my shoulders everyday. All the guys, in fact everyone, made fun of me.  I also had a mother who was very controlling. I was afraid of her. I feel like I missed out on a big part of my childhood and teenage life by isolating myself in and out of school. Feeling unworthy was a huge burden for me to carry everyday, so those books in my bag were my feelings of unworthiness. Removing some of the books from my bag means that I am releasing those emotional burdens and memories that keep me stuck in the past. I am letting it go. There was a car in the way of the bus, so it could not stop. I traveled by bus until I was 40 years old due to my phobia about driving. Now, thank God, I drive. The fact that the bus could not stop, because there was a car in the way of the bus, I think might be a good thing. It shows that I have come along way in the past 26 years, since I started driving. Carrying that heaven burden of unworthiness also caused me to be frivolous with money, my way of self medicating myself. I do have a lot of regrets about how frivolous I was with money. If I knew then what I know now…..

My second dream interpretation is that the guys in the car were Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael, and one of them yelled for me saying my maiden name to catch my attention. They were letting me know that they are proud of me for removing some of the books from my bag (heavy burdens). I don’t need the bus, since I have my hot pink car. In fact, they distracted me on purpose from going on the bus, since they are directing me in my dreams and in my everyday life.


Excited, because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am being healed and guided.


How is my life going to look now that I am making these Paradigm Shifts?


To continue the work that I am doing in making clear paradigm shifts in my dreams and while I am awake. I am thinking that I should add Archangel Haniel to my dream programming tonight for a Foursome. Haniel can assist with new beginnings,and she can also align me with good luck, and creating positive change-exactly what I need.