Last night, I tried to Astral travel to a friend (with her prior permission); however, I do not remember connecting with her in my dreams. I called in the Angels of dreaming and astral travel, so that she could work with me in opening myself up to abundance. I had a bunch of little dreams, but I do not remember visiting her.

I dreamed that I was working on a project and right across from me, there was someone working on a project. I feel like he was setting up some kind of booth. He brought me a cup of coffee, but I had to turn it down. It was not decaf, and I can no longer drink coffee.  I also dreamed of some friends leaving with their luggage. I dreamed that I was protecting a friend from another friend, and I told her off.  In the last dream that I remember, I was in my old Condo in California, and I found a pair of gold heels on the fireplace mantel. I tried them on, but they were way too big for me.



Yesterday, I was contemplating buying heels off the internet.  I have only two pairs of nice heels that I feel fit me comfortably and that I feel safe in. I put them in the cart, but I held off not sure of wanting to spend the money.  My issue is that I wear size 4 – 4 1/2. Yes I have very small feet, so it is difficult to find shoes. Stores don’t sell my size, so I have to buy them off the internet. I am not comfortable in most shoes. If they are two high, I am afraid I will lose my balance and fall. Stilettos are out for sure. I do not think I have ever felt coordinated and balanced within myself. I have lived alone for so long that I feel I have to protect myself, and so my shoes have to be a low heel (no more then 2″ high). I truly believe that being single for so long has made me feel off balance emotionally, which results in my very strong fear of falling. Being alone, there is noone to catch me if I fall.  As a child, I rode a bicycle all the time. As an adult, I am afraid of falling, so I haven’t ridden a bike since I was a child. I ended up this morning when I woke up buying 4 new pairs of shoes off the internet (low heel of course). I feel like this could be a representation of me living my life small. Imagine what my life would be if I lived my life BIG without any fears.

Dream Segment #2

I had a dream that I was protecting a friend from someone who was bossing her around. I stood up and told the person off. That’s interesting, because about a week ago, I told someone off for bossing me around and telling me what to do. She has done this ever since junior high. I feel that I was standing up for myself in my dream. There is more about this in dream segment #3.

Dream Segment 3

The man offering me a cup of coffee reminds me of a traumatic experience during the years between 2000 and 2001. At the time, I was a member of a nudist resort in California. I was my happiest when I would drive through the gates. The first thing I would do is get a cup of coffee. Drinking it made me feel like I was in heaven. My heaven turned to hell after about 11 years when this girl decided to start harrassing me for no reason at all. Noone protected me from the harrassment, and I lost my friends and the man I was in love with. To this day, I cannot drink coffee at all. It upsets my stomach. I sense that me telling someone off in dream segment 2 was me finally taking control and standing up for myself. I never did. Instead, I moved to Florida to a clothing optional resort where I currently live. I love it, and I am in pink heaven here.

Dream Segment 4

I am standing with luggage. It is time to get rid of all that emotional baggage from the past.