Last night, I programmed my dreams with my Money Angels for their assistance in building my financial empire, and I also programmed my dreams with my Love Angels for nurturing the seeds of true love that were planted within me in my dreams a few nights ago.


I am with a group of people.  Suddenly, I am sitting in a chair;and their is a man sitting on my left side. It feels like our shoulders are touching. We turn to look at each other. His face is in my face, and we stare at each other. His eyes are very clear and big. He is light complected with a round face and light hair.

I decide to go to my room alone to change. I open the closet door, and it is almost empty. My clothes are not hanging in the closet. Instead, there are just a few shirts hanging there. I freak out for a minute thinking that someone stole my clothes until I realize that I am in the wrong room. I am in that same guy’s room. He is relaxing on the bed, and he does not seem to mind that I am there. I apologize anyway. I leave, and I go to my own room to change.

I walked into my master bathroom, and I am standing in front of the sink. I look up, and there is  water  stain damage on the ceiling. The water is not coming through, but I become very worried and concerned. I decide that I have to call my handyman. I worry that I won’t be able to use that bathroom until it is fixed. While I am sleeping, I am trying to interpret my dream and why there is a water stain on the ceiling. I come up with the interpretation while I am sleeping that the stains are my fears and insecurities.


I woke up very tired this morning. It seems like my Love Angels and my Money Angels did a lot of work with me while I was sleeping last night. Since I programmed my dreams with my Love Angels last night asking them to nurture the seeds of love that had been planted within in me a few nights ago in my dreams, I have a sense that they gave me a glimpse of who could be my next soul mate. In my dream I was unprepared to enter his space, but at least I got a glimpse of him. We have met before in my dreams some months ago when we had a deeply passionate kiss.

Being at the sink and seeing the water stain on the ceiling shows me that I have a strong desire to cleans myself of some old outdated beliefs and fears about love and money.  My fears and insecurities are emotional leaks bleeding through. Perhaps I am ready to address them, and they are now obvious. I cannot hide from them anymore.


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