Dear  God, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Uriel.   Please continue to guide me and direct me in my dreams tonight in helping  me to make a paradigm shift from  a limited, scarcity and unworthy belief paradigm to an abundance and worthy belief paradigm,  so that I can manifest the permanent relationship of my dreams with the soul mate of my dreams and the prosperous life of my dreams in the physical world.


My dream was about coloring my hair. I had the option of coloring my hair myself from a box or continuing with my hairdresser, but I was unsure if I wanted to do that. Someone said that it was easy, but that it would not look as nice. I also dreamed that a neighbor of mine had a giant hole in her scalp. It was empty inside there. She did not seem upset in the least. It was no big deal to her.


I feel like the hole in the head/scalp could mean that the crappy beliefs and fears that I have been carrying inside of me could be gone. The head/scalp is empty to be filled with no ideas and beliefs. The mind has a lot of secrets where it holds fears, sadness, grief, insecurities, outdated beliefs, etc.

My hairdresser has been coloring my hair for years a bright red, and most recently with pink streaks. I love it.  It reflects my personality, and it is a way of expressing myself outwardly. The suggestion of dying my hair myself from a box did not sit well with me. It felt like I would be holding myself back and box my energy in.  The fact that it would not look as good, and it would not give me the feeling of vibrancy and energy that a professional hair coloring would do. I feel like I made a decision in my dream for my life not to box myself in and hold myself back.


I pulled a card from the Energy Oracle Card Deck asking for the meaning of this dream for me, and I got HEALER OF THE AGES reversed (upside down). It says that I have been feeling upside down in my own life, which is true where it concerns finances. I feel anxious, because I would like to travel and cruise more often, but financially I am unable to do that as much as I would like to at this time. My problem could be mental, emotional or physical. This card is saying to call upon the Healer of the Ages to bring his energy to the issues I am working on. Perhaps I should call in the Healer Of The Ages into my dreams tonight.

I was right regarding my intuitive hit regarding finances and travel, because I picked a 2nd card for clarification, and I got the JOURNEY card. It shows that I have a strong desire for exciting and inspirational adventures and travel (and of course cruising).