Last night, I slept soundly with the angels. I programmed my dreams last night with the angel of sleeping and dreaming. I asked HER to please make sure I had a good night’s sleep uninterrupted; and even if I dreamed, for the dreams not to disturb my sleep. I also programmed my dreams with the angel of abundance and prosperity. I asked HER for continued rising up of all my frequencies (love, wealth, success and health). I had many dream segments, but here are the ones that I remember quite clearly.

I woke up at  4:36am and journaled the following dream, and then went right back to sleep. I was part of a TV show about singles. I never did see cameras or a production crew, and we as a group were living in these condos when the show was not filming. It was a 3 bedroom condo. There was a guy there that had an oxygen machine for his lungs, and he had to use it all the time. He could not breathe without it.  The oxygen/breathing machine  was very loud, and it made so much noise. It was almost scarey. He used it right off the kitchen. At one point, we were all sitting on the floor of a car.  One of the girls owned one of the bedrooms, and she was renting or letting some guy sleep there. I had my own room, and I thanked God that it was not next to the guy with the breathing apparatus.

DREAM INTERPRETATION – For me personally, I feel like the oxygen machine means that I am breathing in life more so then ever before.  To breathe in oxygen right off the kitchen, for me represents filling myself with nourishment, love, light, healing and not too much sugar. Yesterday, I felt a bit light headed, and I wondered if it was from all the work I am doing on myself to raise my core vibration, my wealth frequencies, my love frequencies, my success frequencies and my health frequencies. I feel like it could be making me a little light headed and throwing off my system a bit. I would love also to share my life with a man who is my love partner. I live in a community where there are mostly couples and everyone knows that I have been single for a long time. I feel embarrassed by the fact that I am still single. Having my own bedroom represents me needing space.The car for me in the dream represents my emotional state and wanting to hide my single status. This morning, I feel emotional.

In the 2nd segment of the dreams that I remember, I moved into this new house, and my mom and dad also lived there. It was 11:25am, and I was late for work. I ran downstairs to get in the car with my parents, but then I realized that I needed my pink fluffy sweater for later on that night. I told them to hold on for a second, so that I could run upstairs to get it.  It took longer then expected, because I could not find my pink fluffy sweater anywhere. It was not in the closet nor was it in my luggage. I found another pink sweater, and ran down the stairs. The car was not there, but then I saw my father sticking his head out of top of the car.

DREAM INTERPRETATION –  I love my pink fluffy sweater. In this dream, it represents love and intimacy to me. Looking for my sweater in my bedroom, makes me feel like I am searching for love and intimacy.  That part of me has been hidden for awhile. I believe my childhood issues with my parents are still within me, and I am still dealing and living with those issues. I found another pink sweater, but it is not the pink fluffy sweater that I desire.

In the 3rd segment of my dreams, I was in some woman’s house for a gathering of some kind, and there were thick cobwebs all up and down the corner of a wall. The cobwebs were so thick that it almost looked like hair.

DREAM INTERPRETATION- Well, I have a neighbor that says that I am getting cobwebs (so to speak), because I have been single for awhile. LOL