Dear  God, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Uriel.   Please continue to work with me  in my dreams tonight in helping  me to close the door to the negative influences of my past, so that I can open the door to the life of my dreams and attract the perfect permanent healthy relationship with the man of my dreams and the prosperous life of my dreams.


In my dream, I have a password on all my important information and my money, so no one can get to it. My Godparents, Dave and Louise, (RIP) are in my dream. Dave wants my password. I refused to give him my password to gain access to my information and money, so he found some software that would help him figure out my password. All through my dream I knew my password, and I could see it written down. Towards the end of the dream, however, I changed it to protect my stuff. I then forgot my old password, and then I forgot the new password.  I felt like he was trying to invade my privacy, and I was very angry at him. At one point, I left the room; and when I came in, my password was visible to him. I was so mad at Dave that I called a lawyer, so that the lawyer could send a notice to cease and desist trying to get my password. While on the call with the lawyer, I suddenly realized that calling a lawyer was pointless, since Dave was actually dead; and he could not infringe on my space and privacy or steal anything.


I understand my dream very clearly. For me, it has always been a worthiness issue with me feeling that I do not deserve to have love and prosperity due to my core belief that everything and everybody that I love will be taken away from me. The realization in the dream that I do not need to fight him, represents closing the door on the past with my parents (represented by Dave, my God parent). Due to my childhood, I adopted the belief that I did not deserve  love, prosperity and prestige. Dave who represented my parents wanting to get my password, showed my fear of everything that I love being taken away from me. I was trying to protect what I loved. I felt like he was invading my privacy, my boundaries and my space.  I felt defensive, and I felt like I had to fight for what I felt was rightfully mine.  I put up a real fight for sure. He tells me that he is going to get software that will help him figure out my password. I leave the room. When I return, my password is sticking out of the envelope. I change the password to another password, but then I couldn’t remember the old password (which seems to be the safe inside my head). I wanted to go back to the old password, but it was too late. I was so angry at Dave that I called a lawyer, so I could obtain a “cease and desist” letter. As I am on the phone with the lawyer, I suddenly realize that I no longer had to worry about my password and my stuff being stolen, because he is dead; and he has been dead for a long time. I no longer need the protection of the password (my inner safe) to keep everything and everyone that I love in my life. I am safe. It has if I had this ah ha moment, and I am closing the door to my childhood. Dave represents part of my childhood. Thank you God, Archangel Uriel and Archangel Raphael.


I pulled the First Chakra Archangel Michael Card. All my life I never felt stable or secure, and I was trying to run away from that feeling by keeping love and money away from me. Archangel Michael is showing me my personal strength and stability. It shows that the energy of love and money is flowing freely through me now. I’m safe. I fought the monster, and I won.