Dear  God, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Uriel.   Thank you for last night’s dream journey and the powerful messages that I received from you. Please continue to guide me and direct me in my dreams tonight in receiving greater insight and progress, and please help me to move from a limited and scarcity belief paradigm to an abundance belief paradigm , so that I can lead a much more fulfilling life with no limitations on myself and so that I can manifest the life of my dreams in the physical world.


There was a contest to win a man, and I won. When I showed up on the day to retrieve my prize for the man, I discovered that I had not filled out the paperwork. I did not know his information, his ID number or anything. The information about him was given to me, so I could fill the paperwork. I remember having a very small piece of luggage with me. I had met one of the women contestants before hand, and we had gotten along fabulously. She showed up at the door, and we were wearing the exact same sparkly dress. Now, she seemed to be a very sore loser. All of a sudden, she is not very nice to me. She starts talking behind my back telling people that all I talked about was the weather. I was supposed to go see the man that I won; however, I changed my mind. I asked him over the phone if he would come see me, and he agreed.


This game could have been influenced by the TV show that I watched last night, Game Of Clones, in which a man or woman has to choose from 7 women or men who are made to look like their celebrity crush.

I went a little deeper, though, into interpreting this dream. The man that I won looked like a man that I already know; however, since I did not have his ID number, I felt like this was someone that I do not know yet. Perhaps I won his heart. I was carrying a very small piece of luggage when I showed up to retrieve the man that I won. At least my “baggage” per say is getting smaller and smaller.  The girl, well she is another story. We were wearing the same thing. She lost, and she suddenly turned against me. She said that I was telling people that I kept talking  about the weather when we met before. Weather refers to emotions. Perhaps this girl is my inner child experiencing a lot of emotion, disappointment, grief, anger and loss. Maybe God, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Uriel are showing me that I still might have a tiny bit of baggage left and some loss, grief, etc. inside of me from my childhood. I still have some work to do in order to be ready for this man that I feel is coming into my life.

Although I programmed my dreams for making a paradigm shift with my beliefs about money, once again my dream was about love and relationships. Reason being is that money and love are connected for me since childhood.

I picked a card from the Wisdom Of The Oracle Cards this morning to go a bit deeper into the meaning of my dream last night, and I picked the card HERE AND NOW reversed (upside down in protection mode). I am still not standing and living in the here and now. There are issues from my childhood that I still have to deal with even at my age. I have to live in the here and now, and disconnect from the past and my childhood.