Last night, after programming my Dream Doula and my soul  into my dreams again, I had a series of dream segments; which leads me to believe that my Dream Doula and my soul were working on my internal financial beliefs.

Dream Snipit #1

I am away traveling either by land or ship.  The gentleman at the front desk wants me to fill out a form, so that the purchase of $500  could be taken out of my check debit card instead of my credit card.  In this way, he can get his money the same day. I am worried about the $500 being taken out of my checking account.  Then magically it turns to $50. Whether it was $500 or $50, I am computing how much money I have in my checking account, and I am worried. I finally consent to filling out the form, so that he can get his money the same day.

No matter how much or how little money I have, I carry with me a strong fear of  never having enough money. I  believe strongly that I got that fear from my parents who had a fear of not having enough money.  The number 5 is telling me to live my life as it suits  me personally, and to not allow my ridiculous fears of running out of money or what other people think to stand in my way.  Number 5  is telling me that major changes are taking place even if I do not see the yet, and I believe  that it is the work that I am doing through the programming of my dreams.  I know that the number 5 is also my strong inner  desire to  break free  from the old constraints and restraints that have been holding me back in my life. I have been asking my Dream Doula to help me to give birth to great growth in my life along with greater love, prosperity, abundance and success.

Dream Snipit #2

While I am traveling, I want to call my good friend and dream sister, Amy, through facebook phone, but I have not set my phone or my ipad yet to turn off my airplane mode and I have not turned the cellular roaming off.  It is because I cannot find my settings. I finally do. I strongly believe that is telling me that my internal settings are shifting and changing, and that I have to discover the new me.

Dream Snipit #3

On my trip, I am walking down narrow streets, and I run into my BFF, Donna. She forgets her purse and a couple of other things on the floor.  I am about to leave, and I am trying to figure out whether or not I should take her purse with me. She then reappears, and takes her purse with her. The narrow streets are showing me that I have to expand my belief about not having enough money.  My BFF leaving the purse shows me that there is money. I just have to believe that I own it and that I deserve it.

Dream Snipit #4

My brother  calls me to get my advice. We are not close at all in real life; so in the dream, I am very surprised and shocked that he is sharing his soul and his deepest thoughts with me. He wants me to know that he has decided to study to be a medical doctor. He is already a PhD (in real life).  He is in his 60’s, so it surprises me that he is wanting to make those changes now. I believe that the very fact that he is sharing his soul with me means that there is going to be a breakthrough in our relationship. I am looking forward to that breakthrough.