Last night, I once again  programmed my dreams with my Dream Doula to help me to give birth to great love, great prosperity, great success and great abundance.

I had a dream that I contracted something from having sex. I had to go through some kind of procedure in which it had to be documented. Part of the process is that I had to find someone to lay next to me and talk to me about sex.  It was a man (male energy), and we had a very intimate conversation talking while  lying very very close to eachother in bed.   I do not remember our conversation.  Once again, (don’t know how long) I contracted something again from having sex. I was a little embarrassed. I had to search for the number to call to go through the whole procedure again. At first, I could not find the number and the place to go to be documented. I tried asking my first love if he would lay next to me, but he did not answer;  so then I asked some girl from high school, but changed my mind due to the fact that she is a girl.  In the end, I asked this guy, and he said yes.

In my dream interpretation, I am getting the clear message that my Dream Doula is  helping me to work through my love, sex and intimacy issues. I strongly suspect that the man laying very close to me was my first love; and even though I do not remember our conversation, it was very intimate. The embarrassment comes from being a bit obsessive when we broke up. I was 21 years old. I have been over him now for at least 3 decades, but I would love to have those first love feelings again with someone. Perhaps my Dream Doula is preparing me for a new love. I feel that the documenting procedure is me blogging my dreams everyday.