Linda Kaye “Pink Chick Psychic”

In preparing for last night’s dream healing journey, I programmed my dreams by praying to God, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Ariel.  I prayed for their support, so that I could continue to experience  oneness with my divine source. I also prayed for them to continue my progress in making a paradigm shift from a scarcity paradigm to an abundance paradigm. I also asked them to please guide me in creating an exciting juicy sexy love life,  a healthy body, mind, spirit and soul and to continue with guiding into a more financially secure life. My goal is to save money and also travel more. I asked for all of this to happen in the most surprising , exciting and  profound ways that I will recognize.


I dreamed that each of us gets our own day. It was my turn. That is when we can create what we want. I think I was trying to create a love life. I was not getting anywhere though. It was kind of a hit and miss sort of thing with making choices. I was, however, trying to find my way through and put something together.


I am working on my love life, but I have not gotten it perfected yet; nevertheless, I feel like my chosen dream guides are letting me know that it is my time for love, and that they are guiding me in this dream. I feel connected to the dream, and I feel blessed.


I will be programming my dreams tonight with Archangel Raphael,  Archangel Michael and Archangel Ariel for the continuing of my healing journey.

Check out for guidance in your dreams.