Dear John of God . I am programming you into my dreams, so that I can receive your love and whatever healing energy I need while I sleep. If you have any important messages for me, please help me to receive your messages in my dreams in the most beautiful ways that I will recognize and remember.


There is a man who wrote a book about soul mates. I see the author, and I am able to meet him. He has a very tall and powerful presence. He actually towers over me, but then who doesn’t. I am 4’10” tall. I do not think that I have ever met anyone that tall.  I also met the author’s agent, and he wants to interview me about the book and about soul mates. I tell him that I have to go put on my John Of God necklace and get dressed, because I know they will be taking pictures.


The man in my dream did not look like the actual John Of God from Brazil that I have seen in pictures; however, I feel that the man in my dream was the  presence and energy of John Of God due to the fact that I purchased a John Of God necklace two weekends ago at the Celebrate Your Life conference in Chicago. The energy from that necklace is extremely powerful. I either wear or hold the necklace before I go to bed as I am programming my dreams. I can only wear the necklace for short periods of time, because the energy is so strong from that necklace. The necklace sits on my dream alter, which I believe is the perfect spot for it. I believe that the dream is showing me that  John Of God is removing blockages to finding me my soul mate. I know He is on his way. Thank you John Of God. I am grateful to you.