Last night I did my dream programming with my Dream Guardians and Archangel Raphael  for deep healing and restorative sleep, and I also asked for help while I am sleeping and dreaming and while I am awake in removing the negative influences of Mercury In Retrograde on my finances, my business, my health and my love life in the most beautiful and wonderful ways that I will recognize and clearly remember.


I woke up around 3 in the morning recognizing that I was experiencing acid reflex. I eventually went back to sleep, and I woke up with the following dream:

Johnny Angel is back in town and at the resort. His door is wide open. Energy or light is coming out of the door. I ask my friend, Mary, who lives here at the club if she can ask him about medication for acid reflex. The next thing I know, we are standing around a dark colored car with Mary. I ask him about the acid reflex meds. He has the perfect medication. I suddenly am in a small office with two other women, and we are walking around the office in circles for exercise I think. They then tell me to go get food.


Johnny Angel is a nickname for someone here at the club. I am now realizing that this is a symbol that the angels are watching over me and my health, and they are divinely guiding me. They are trying to help me with the proper meds for my Acid Reflex.  I prefer natural supplements, but I am willing to try regular meds as long as they help me. My gastrointestinal recommended a prescription, but when I went to fill it, they said it would cost $400. NEVER MIND.

The small office where we are walking around the office represents that I am walking around in circles and not really getting much of anywhere in improving my acid reflex. When they told me I could go eat food, I am sensing that I have to improve on the kinds of food I am  eating; otherwise, I will continue to go in circles around this situation with my acid reflex.