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Dear God, My Soul and My Guardian Angel. Please work with me in tonight’s dream journey to help me to raise my vibration to a higher level of spiritual enlightenment more so then it has ever been before in a surprising way that I will recognize. Please also help me to raise my wealth frequencies to a higher level then it has ever been before, so that I can feel more prosperous and more financially secure, in a surprising way that I will recognize. Also please help me to have strong dream recall, so that I can remember my dreams when I wake up in the morning. Thank you God. I am very grateful.


Dream Snippet #1 -I decide to get Juvederm. I asked a friend to administer the Juvederm for me, and she agreed to  administer it for $20. I was shocked when I looked at the bill, and the bill said $60 for 3 appointments  even though I only had one appointment. I could see a little bit of a difference, but not a whole lot. I found her to be very sneaky. I put my foot down, and I told her that I was only going to pay for one appointment; and not for the other two appointments. I did not hire her to do 3 for $60. In the dream, I was  worried about money. I woke up at 1:29am to use the bathroom.

Dream Snippet #2 – I was at a gathering at someone’s home, and she had a beautiful pink couch cover. I loved it, so I decided to go to the place where she bought the couch cover. It turned out to be a place where I had bought a couch cover for my own couch. Someone else from the gathering showed up there as well. The couch cover place needed my account number. I did not have it on me, so the person went to search for it. He found it, but I do not think I bought a couch cover. The place was in a beachy kind of atmosphere, and there were people staying there. I saw 2 guys sticking their head out of the window. I saw a colorful beach umbrella. I saw duck races where people were riding on rubber ducks in the sand.  I was maybe running away from sadness over night be able to travel as much as I would like. I woke up just then to use the bathroom.


I WISH Juvederm was only $20 and $60. LOL  It costs at least $600. This is the second dream in a week involving $20 and searching for an account number. In a dream a few days ago, I was given a gift card for $20, but I was searching for my account number to deposit the money in my account.


When I first wake up (as in the dream), I feel sad and worried that I am not financially secure enough to travel all the time. I feel left out, and it as if I feel like I am in a fog today.


Wanting to get Juvederm in my dream means to me that I am covering up my fears and insecurities about getting older and not FEELING financially secure enough to travel much more often then I already am. To me, feeling financially secure means that I can travel on a whim.

Covering up my couch means that I am covering up and hiding something that bothers me a great deal. I sit on my couch (when I am not sitting in my pink fuzzy chair) to do psychic phone readings  and email readings for my clients.  I will be 66 tomorrow, and I thought that I would FEEL more financially secure then I am now.  I know so many people around my age who can travel on a whim; something I strongly desire to do. I am trying to find a better financial balance within myself in my dreams.

The ducks are rubber. They are not dead. I am not a sitting duck, because the ducks are moving and racing forward. For that reason, the Duck races gave me hope of spiritual and financial enlightenment.

Angel Number 20 is a message from my Angels that things are happening behind the scenes that will be of great benefit to me in the near future. Even though I may not be experiencing these opportunities just yet, they want me to believe that they are on their way to me right now. I just have to have faith and trust in the Divine.

Angel Number 60 is a message and reminder from my Angels that all supply comes from the Universe and for me to give any fears or concerns about my financial and material needs to the angels for healing and dissolving. They also want me to be open and receptive to a steady flow of abundance  entering into my life.


How can I shift this in my real life, and not be so sad and having feelings of being left out. I want to travel more.


Continue to focus on raising my wealth frequencies  and feeling more financially secure in my dreams and in my waking hours.