Last night I programmed my dreams with my Dream Guardians and Archangel Raphael  for deep healing and restorative sleep, and I asked also while I am sleeping and dreaming and while I am awake to be shielded and protected from the negative effects of Mercury In Retrograde on me financially in the most surprising ways that I will recognize and clearly remember.


I am in a public place, and it feels like a lunch room. I really like this one guy. All of a sudden we hear a loud bang. Someone has just committed suicide. I can’t tell if it is the guy I like or someone else, but I am there for love and support. I felt happy and relieved when I woke up from this dream.


I have a few feelings and beliefs about this dream. The gun shot, for me, is the killing of the negative effects of mercury in retrograde on me financially and romantically. Perhaps it is even  killing off all my negative past beliefs regarding relationships and money.  There was more to this dream; however, I believe that I was supposed to remember the loud gun shot.


Mercury in Retrograde lasts from August 12th to September 5th.  Mercury in Retrograde can mess with communication, finances, relationships, etc.  You should never start anything new, sign contracts, get married, etc. while mercury is in retrograde. It always has seemed to effect me, but not this time. I am shooting that sucker right out of my vibration.


I will continue to work on the removing of the negative effects of Mercury In Retrograde on me in my dreams tonight.