I programmed my dreams again with my Higher Self/Inner God and Goddess Gueneviere. I asked them to bring me important messages while I am sleeping and dreaming for raising my core vibration, my wealth frequency, my success frequency and my love frequency.

I woke up around 7am to the following dream: It looks like I have a job, and I am sitting at my desk. There are two desks side by side. My desk is on the left. I am opening what looks like  8 1/2 x 11″ manilla envelopes, but there is nothing of significance in them for me to follow through with work wise. I do not seem to have enough work to do. I feel like something is missing, like there is a hole in my core that needs to be filled. I need more work or more of something. In the dream I can’t quite pinpoint what I need. I do know that I need to exercise my brain, and I feel fear that I am not exercising my brain or potential enough.  I am looking for something of mine that is electronic. Someone gives me a huge piece of paper representing a paypal order, and I am asked to fax it to paypal.  I complained that I am not doing enough, and someone gave me a gift. I unwrapped it, and I knew intuitively in the dream that I am receiving and accepting more of my inner gifts. Some of the girls at work took me to the tanning salon at work, but it was closed.

The next thing I knew, I was standing in front of a bright green door and knocking on it. At this point, I was halfway waking up, but I allowed myself to open the door and the energy that I am needing is flowing through me and into me.

I believe this dream represents my past before I became self employed over 30 years ago and had 9-5 jobs. I was always afraid of not being good enough and that I was not exercising my brain enough, so I worked harder to prove myself. I put a lot of pressure on myself. This comes from childhood in which my mother made me feel like I was not smart enough. I have both a strong fear of failure and a strong fear of success- a double whammy. I believe tanning represents new opportunities, and perhaps seeing myself working and using my left brain is not me. That door to being in a 9-5 job is no longer me.  I am a right brained person, and I love having my own business. That is why the tanning salon door was closed. The paypal order represents me making more money.

I see through the dream that I am transforming and growing, and my inner beliefs no longer stand true for me. I am now much more then I have always felt and have seen that I am. In the dream, I was presented with and accepted the gifts within me.  The tanning salon looks like opportunities, but it is closed. I have closed the door to the old me, and so this to me means that I am closing the door to the past. The future and the new me will have lots of opportunities as represented by the green door. The green door represents prosperity and healing.

UPDATE – My business got busier and my sales increased with many paypal orders.